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  1. When I use the connection checker on the r2 I get different results always a c or a B connection would it help to clone the MAC address of my old isp router to make it think I was using that. Or can I connect the r2 to my isp router and use it that way hope all this makes sense just my isp speeds are 900mb down and 50 up but when using the connection checker on the r2 by itself only getting 400at most thanks
  2. My router was working absolutely fine until today now it says on my PS4 your router may not support ip fragmentation or something stupid not changed anything since I got it why now
  3. Just one pal I have 900mb download and 50 upload do the sliders need to be set at 70% or is that just a guide because it says 70% which on my connection equals 630mb is all greedy devices will take will it work say like 30% download which gives the greedy devices 280mb which is more than enough thanks
  4. I had to put in PPPoE and manually add my mtu aswell not used to all this lol also my older router had a MAC address do I need one for this router or is it fine
  5. Ok I solved it had to do it manually though thought it would detect on its own but hey ho setting up now
  6. Hi just got my r2 today it is not detecting my internet at all what is going on please help
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