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  1. This hasn't yet happened since disabling Congestion Control. But I am now experiencing high ms spikes while gaming.
  2. The internet issue that I have, happened just now. Randomly cut out for a few minutes.
  3. I have disabled Geo-Filter, I have only enabled QOS settings
  4. I am getting packet loss to a particular IP address. The host says it is issues with my ISP. My ISP said that changing my DNS settings to "Automatic" will fix this. This is my current DNS settings Will unticking the red bar, and then selecting "Use Upstream DNS" set this to automatic?
  5. It is showing up as this, but I am still having connection issues to the server.
  6. In the desitnation Port, must I put the IP as well or just :25565?
  7. Yes I know the Port, how exactly can I do this please?
  8. Is it possible to add Minecraft to the QOS settings in Netduma OS, or at least the IP of a specific minecraft server?
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