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  1. The internet issue that I have, happened just now. Randomly cut out for a few minutes.
  2. I have disabled Geo-Filter, I have only enabled QOS settings
  3. I do game mostly in the evenings, but it has happened during the day as well. Has happened multiple times in the same day as well, but in general it happens 1-3 times a week for very short periods of time.
  4. I have changed this setting from 12 hours to 168 hours. Will have to wait and see if it has any changes. I haven't been on a wired device when this has happened. I only notice it when I am playing Overwatch (Which I do in my spare time), on a wired connection.
  5. This morning I woke up and still didn't have internet. I have plugged my Vodafone router/modem in and then I had internet. I then unplugged this, and put my Netduma R2 and Draytek Vigor130 back on. I now have an internet connection. Strange. I would still like some advice here, as I see other threads so am not the only one. When everything is working fine, sometimes I do lose internet for around 2-5 minutes. This is rather frustrating and defeats the purpose of having a 'gaming router' as it would be easier to turn off an automatic download and have ping spikes on my ISP's router, rather than get full internet drop outs from time to time. Why would this be happening? Could this be because I have a dynamic IP? I haven't added any manual routes using IP addresses or and configuration of my Modem.
  6. Hello, I contacted my internet provider asking for a new IP address. They informed me that they had changed me from a dynamic to a static IP. I told they I did not want a Static IP and asked if they could put me back to a dynamic IP. I then restarted my Router and Modem to see if my IP address had changed, and then since I have been in trouble. Any devices connected to the Netduma R2 are displaying as no internet, however any devices connected to the TP link wifi boosters do have interenet. This is making me think that something is wrong with the R2. I haven't changed any of my settings from before, so I am unsure why this is happening? Please could someone help me ASAP?
  7. I am getting packet loss to a particular IP address. The host says it is issues with my ISP. My ISP said that changing my DNS settings to "Automatic" will fix this. This is my current DNS settings Will unticking the red bar, and then selecting "Use Upstream DNS" set this to automatic?
  8. It is showing up as this, but I am still having connection issues to the server.
  9. In the desitnation Port, must I put the IP as well or just :25565?
  10. Yes I know the Port, how exactly can I do this please?
  11. Is it possible to add Minecraft to the QOS settings in Netduma OS, or at least the IP of a specific minecraft server?
  12. I have put CC on always, and when my iphone backs up I am still at 200+ Ping. It doesn't seem to be prioritizing my pc at all?
  13. The Tp-Links are all connected through the R2. Should the congestion control while I'm gaming not already prevent this from happening?
  14. The devices are all connected to the R2. I do have TP-Links on the network, if one of the phones was connected to that, could that cause this issue?
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