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  1. I dunno?! Maybe I’m ignorant or maybe it’s specific to my network BUT, does the Congestive Control really work? I never really took it serious as something that actually does anything. After reading this thread, I decided to take time out late last night and run some test with the XR500. No matter what the sliders were tuned to, I would get different results on each and every test. I couldn’t fine tune and determine a result to stick with because if I ran the same test 5 times in a row, I would get 5 different results. If I changed the CC settings(sometime drastic), I would get similar erratic results. I performed the Benchmark test at full network capacity(all smart home devices connected) and without anything connected. The results were all over the place. My point is...for me, there’s nothing I can do to maintain an “optimized” connection because the Benchmark results don’t really reflect any changes from the CC. This is not a complaint. Just a personal observation. I can play Warzone fine in most settings but have noticed that if I reset my router before booting up my Xbox, my hit detection is much better than if I just booted up the Xbox without resetting the router. Most times I don’t feel like resetting the router and will just play. I’m just curious as to why resetting specifically has this effect? I’ll be in a game and will get melted. As a joke, my team will say “Dude, you got melted...do you need to reset your router?”. They say this because they know, historically, whenever I reset the router and return, I’m suspiciously back to dropping bombs.
  2. Will the XR500 ever get a proper DumaOS 3.0 release or is the beta the last update?? It’s been in beta since the summer of 2020.
  3. Smh. So many people missed my point. Yes, I believe having good MOVEMENT, good POSITIONING and an actual GOOD SHOT makes a shoddy connection not be the bane of my existence like a lot of people on this forum. Of course I’ve had many, MANY deaths that make me go “wtf?!” but my point is...it’s not nearly at a level that would make me spend hours making router tweaks, forum researching and developer harassment. I made a reference in an earlier post regarding a friend who’s questionable connection I played on...in return, if people on this forum played on my connection, they’d probably still be complaining. When I play Warzone and I’m up against bad players(most players), I can predict an entire teams movement and actions which makes killing them so easy. Bad players will think they have me in a “pinch” when in reality, I set THEM up. I’m not a psychic, I shouldn’t be able to predict a players movement...move by move. Fortunately, bad players give me that ability. The “death comms” have given me the data that people don’t have a clue what’s going on in most cases. “It was a whole team”(no, just me). “How did he know I was there”(because I saw you flanking before I downed your teammate) “Where is this guy”(shot and rotated) “He’s one shot”(you missed half your shots, I still have 2 armor plates) My personal opinion is...people don’t actually know their skill level. Most are below average at the game, which is ultimately, fine as long as you can accept that and focus on real improvement as opposed to hypothetical-miracle-DumaOs-improvement. Anyhow, I hope Netduma eventually gets you that magical connection that will turn you into a dump master overnight.
  4. Landing the first shot and hitting your follow up shots are all connected. If you can’t control recoil, when YOU THINK you’re hitting all of your shots, you’re actually missing which allows someone like me to turn on someone and still kill them. I’m not disputing that there are people with REALLY BAD CONNECTIONS and it actively works against you no matter how good of a player you are. Dude, if you have a 3 k/d what are you responding to this thread for? I had over a 2.5 k/d in MP(when I did play) and have over a 4 k/d in Blackout and Warzone(which I actively play). My point is...disregarding my connection, I have a GOOD shot. I have waaaaaay more good games than bad ones as you should too. TRUE STORY: A few years ago, a friend of mine kept referring to my connection being so much better than his and that he was “behind” when we played together(BR’s, Fighting Games, etc). Well, I went and visited him out of state (was actually visiting my family) and for shits and giggles, I played on his “behind” connection. Literally, it felt like I was playing on my connection. I was killing people as normal. At that point, HE realized it was his own skill that held him back, not his connection. I even thought I would play bad based on what he was saying about the connection. It simply was not true. Since then, I have NEVER heard him mention “connection” being an issue and he theoretically plays better because of it. I only say these things because I notice a lot of average to below average players use “bad connection” as a crutch. Based on the above story and how miraculously, I have moved several times since then, had difference ISP’s and I still play the same. I have shitty games like anyone else but finding the next great tweak or router hardware is not what I think about when that happens. This will personally be my last response to this topic because I’m trying to down anyone. There are legitimate issues with connections, servers, hardware, software etc but after all of those issues, MOST of the time, it’s likely the person is simply not as good as they THINK they should be.
  5. Again, I stated in my post that I “understand” most of the complaints that people are making but a lot of it could be managed if they were actually “better” players(which is never acknowledged). They are the ones looking too take advantage of a lag compensation tweak as opposed to going in practice mode and fixing their questionable gun skill. I have to keep referring to “streamers” because if you go on any of your favorite streamers, you’ll see that they consistently play very well. What this forum will have you believe is that they are taking advantage of some magical connection, router or setup tweaks. No. That’s not the case(most of the time). I’m sure if this forum were to play on their personal setups they would be complaining about the same thing... “I see first, die first”, “people running out of my bullets” etc. I’m not trying to start some debate. I’m just a forum lurker who observes people looking for some imaginary holy grail setting that does NOT exist. My response was to the OP questioning how someone has “smooth gameplay” and “zero delay”. Swagg is a really GOOD Call of Duty Player, that’s it. He was also really good when he was a nobody with an average to below average connection and setup. The same with countless others.
  6. No offense to most of the people on this forum but although the Call of Duty servers can be trash, the most important variable amongst all of the Call of Duty complaints is the fact that most people are just BAD at the game. Streamers stream because they’re fundamentally good at the game. Having the “perfect connection” is only a sideshow to them. My point, people blame their gameplay on everything EXCEPT themselves. They’re finding ways to blame the DumaOs software, finding ways to lag out their connections, making all of these useless tweaks INSTEAD of the simplest fix...PRACTICE. I can find agreement with 90% of the complaints made on this forum but regardless, I can still wreck 90% of any lobby I’m in regardless if I have 60ms ping or 100+ms ping. There is NO magical settings in any Router that will naturally improve your gameplay.
  7. I concede. I will take the latest firmware too.
  8. Yeah, I bought the R2 because I was under the impression that updates would happen much quicker since it’s their hardware. Smh. Right now, I would’ve thought they were working on some foreign 3rd party hardware technology that they’ve never seen before. It’s still all good. I’m on my XR500 BUT, if this is the case with the R2, I have ZERO confidence the Netgear division has any chance of being viable with OS3.0. I genuinely thought the XR500 would’ve already had their final 3.0 released by now. I can’t foresee when that’ll ever be released, if ever. Anyhow, I still remain confident and support the Netduma team.
  9. Netduma is surely stretching out “this week”. “This week” is quickly coming to an end. Lol. Just kidding. I’m patient and I’m sure the update(whenever it comes out) will address most of the urgent concerns(hopefully more).
  10. As of today, yes...the issue remains. BUT, after hooking up the R2 this morning for the first time since last week...I had an amazing COD experience. Hit detection was ridiculous. Very optimistic about the future of the R2. I will reinitiate this thread next week when I have some additional time to follow up because I want you guys to have all the data needed to work out any issues we’re having. Thank you.
  11. The particular devices won’t connect on any port and now, the other devices do not work on any port. This was how it was when I first connected to the R2(earlier in thread, I stated that no devices were able to establish a connection). My power went out, so now I can’t test any further but I tried resetting and it would just keep trying to connect for a brief moment and then disconnect repeatedly.
  12. I presume the 2 ports are bad. It doesn’t matter what’s plugged into those ports, it will not establish a connection.
  13. I’ve done factory reset a few times. All result in the same thing. I’ve changed cables. Reset the other devices. Nothing has worked. There’s literally nothing else that could possibly be the issue. I may have to return it unfortunately.
  14. The 4 devices was at the very beginning, that was worked out somehow but the 2 other devices connected have yet to establish a connection. QOS has not been modified. These devices remain in this loop of trying to connect, think it’s connected, then disconnect...rinse and repeat. IMG_3049.MOV
  15. No good. Same (2) devices are unable to get resolved.
  16. That was what I immediately after I started this post. Gave them reserved ip’s. It did not work.
  17. Although I still have other issues with the R2, why am I getting a D score for my speed test? Is it because of the percentage under 1.0gb it is? Most speed test have me over 900. I'm just curious as to why it graded me a D. Also, is it normal to have 100%/100% congestion control recommendation? I ran the test twice and both times recommended my sliders at 100%.
  18. Unfortunately, the firmware did not help. Both devices continue to connect, then disconnect endlessly.
  19. System information page...maybe these errors say something.
  20. They are not connect to a AP. They are connect directly to R2. The 4 lan connections are: Xbox One, Google Mesh, Wifi Sensor(issue) and CCTV DVR(issue).
  21. Yes. It is. I don’t see an issue except for repeated disconnects with same 2 devices.
  22. I’m in New York. ISP is Verizon FIOS. As I view the Device Table, I can see each of the devices disconnect, then reconnect with a different ip. It just keeps doing this from device to device until all of them go offline. ((Correction, they are not obtaining a different IP when they reconnect)) Right now, it seems to only disconnect between 2 devices. My leak sensor device and my CCTV DVR. They just keep disconnecting and reconnecting. My Xbox and Google Mesh appear to have “stabilized” and are no longer apart of this deadly cycle.
  23. I just received the R2(from XR500) and have spent the last hour unable to establish an internet connection. I view the Device Manager(as table), All 4 of my devices are seen as “connected”(plugged in). Though, at the device table, none of them are able to establish an internet connection. The devices will only establish a brief connection if I restart the device. They will be connected for a few seconds/mins before they disconnect. The “internet” light on the router is solid. No device, lan or wifi can establish a connection to the internet.
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