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  1. https://www.quora.com/Why-does-my-PS4-say-LAN-cable-not-connected https://www.quora.com/Why-does-my-PS4-keep-popping-up-the-message-LAN-cable-not-connected-I-think-it-seems-to-be-working-okay-otherwise these links is what I mean. I don't think the ps4 ports bad cuz it clicks, I've used multiple new cords and they all seem to work but for my ps4 and ever since I accidentally turned that dhcp as router button off and on and somehow it got a new IP and i already had my ps4 as address reservation but idk if it's because I switched the 3rd number in the IP sequence so it would be totally different ? I don't know much about it and got curious lol . . Plus I had a problem just like this where "lab cable not connected" showed up at a different house I was at, and it was a problem with the internet , and I got it fixed and can't remember how
  2. I used the Ethernet MAC address from the ps4 what it said , and on the ps4 when I click view connections, everything is on and showing but the NAT TYPE says -
  3. it says that it unable to detect the ethernet cord. and from seeiong other things online people say its something with loosing the ip somehow after i already had it reserved. like i said i unplugged the cord and plugged it back in and it hadnt worked since, i plug tghe computer in with the same cord and it works just fine. im not sure . i know for a fact as soon as i unchecked UPNP OR dhcp and rechecked it and then i had this occur ever since, i can no longer play mny ps4 pro with ethernet
  4. I still haven't gotten the Ethernet to get back online yet -.- idk what the problem is ..
  5. Hey everyone , My ps4 pro has not had a issue ever connecting Ethernet with my xr500, over the last year, but finally about a month or 2 ago I unplugged my Ethernet from my ps4 and plugged it into my other one to update it faster, then tried plugging it back into mine and now it will always say"connect lan cable "😑🀬😑 I did at some point uncheck the Dhcp box in the LAN SETUP, and I assume this had something to do with it , but I reset my router like said below, and I've wasted days worth of time trying to figure it out .,. ❌i have switched out the cords, restarted , reset everything , literally everything possible. Then I found out online it has something to do with the dhcp lease expiring or something where it's not picking up the cable is connected , or the IP address I had reserved for it initially somehow got lost and now it isn't finding my Ethernet anymore which is properly hooked up as it should be ... βœ”οΈ It's a very sad time playing without an Ethernet cord is so bad and I need it back !.. please can somehow someone give me ANY information to fix this ... I'd appreciate it so much!! I don't know much about this at all and I feel lost.. whatever you can do will help . 😭❀️ Thank you !
  6. I'm sorry I am new to this stuff I have messed with it a lot but idk the best settings to put for it , and honestly reading it in my head isn't the best option compared to videos haha
  7. Well I appreciate you , but now I got myself in some shitπŸ˜‚ my dumbass switched upnp off then turned back on and now my ps4s won't connect to internet because of no IP address' I assume and idk how to fix it
  8. So I was looking at the Upnp map on my xr500, and the external ports for one of my ps4s were 9308 , 3181,( my bot ps4) and my main ps4 was 3074 3074, and for some reason the external IP on my bot Ps4 on warzone says MYip:49152 my ps4 says MYip:3074, im really frustrated as to why this is haha please can anyone help me so I can stop tripping !πŸ˜‚
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