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  1. Well, I still have some sites being blocked, even tho they are in my text file.
  2. One disconnection for each overnight (i think) in the log file there are 40,471 entries from Sun Aug 29 21:46:13 2021 to Mon Aug 30 10:10:43 2021. Of those, 19,711 are from daemon.err cli.lua wl: wl driver adapter not found or Command failed: Not found 13,918 are from com.netdumasoftware.devicemanager Extender cache value failed callback: Unterminated JSON encoded object found at position in [] 1,104 are from kern.crit kernel protocol 86dd is buggy or protocol 0800 is buggy 688 are from com.netdumasoftware.neighwatch DHCP old event or DHCP lease change (all items have reserved ip's or static programed ip's 84 are from kern.warn kernel net_ratelimit: xx callbacks suppressed Total Netdumaos entries 35,505 or 87.73% of entries. Normally I get 3 days of entries in a full log file With netdumaos active I get a little over 10 hrs If an error I am looking forward happens overnight, I am likely to miss it.
  3. have disabled it, will let you know if they stay connected tomorrow
  4. The devices are TCL tv and Fetch TV settop box. The TV just comes up with no wifi. The fetch tv set top box will display no wifi signal and reboot if it does not detect wifi signal.
  5. Device is VBNT-V Technicolor DJA0230TLS Firmware 20.3.c.0329-MR19-RB DumaOS version DumaOS DJA0231 20.3.c.0329 Attempting to add whitelist results in uncaught type error. only option is to cancel.
  6. true, but if I don't select verbose logs, I don't like to find errors with the word failed in them
  7. initially being disconnected from modem on two / nine devices. checked logs to see if there was anything obvious, the buggy protocol was one, cli.lua was another and Extender cache value failed callback was the third.. The protocol error is the only one that does not come with a netdumaos tag. A quick search reveals that jumbo frames is the cause of the buggy protocol usually, but all networks are set to mtu 1500 so I am guessing that netdumaos is looking for larger but not finding them. the cli.lua and extender cache errors are specifically dumaos. I don't like errors filling my logs.
  8. recently I started receiving com.netdumasoftware.devicemanager: Extender cache value failed callback: Unterminated JSON encoded object found at position in [] in my log file. I am unable to find any additional info regarding this error.
  9. I now have this in my log file. it appears to be dumaos forcing jumbo frames, but I am unable to turn them off on the router. When duamaos was not active, this error disappears.
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