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  1. It just says "WAN IP: disconnected", doesn't show an IP address, and yes I did.
  2. Updating the firmware has seemingly caused the router to admit that it isn't connecting instead of claiming that it's connected and not showing any traffic it now just it's disconnected and the light on the front remains off.
  3. as I said I managed to connect my phone eventually, still no internet.
  4. Managed to connect my phone to it through the wifi and it still has no internet
  5. Set up a static IP from my modem and initiated a factory reset and now I can't connect to it at all, the modem no longer recognizes it and even though the wifi signal is still available nothing can connect to it.
  6. It lasted all of about 5 mins before breaking down again.
  7. Hi, sorry it took so long to get back around to this, I was on the previous firmware version and just updated, things are working for now but that's been the case before so I'll update in a day or two if everything is holding up. The router's IP is set to it's default 77.1 address so unless there's a different setting that needs to be changed I should have a static IP.
  8. Well it lasted all of about 2 hours before breaking again, tried turning off QoS and it had no effect on the problem.
  9. It's an R2, I just checked the email and I ordered it in august, no idea where I got February from, The speeds were slow both wired and wireless. I just turned the router on today to try turning the QoS off only to find that the problem seems to have fixed itself in spite of me not doing anything with it. So I guess all's well for now, I'll post again if nothing goes wrong over the next couple of days.
  10. My specific setup involves the stock modem my isp provided, I believe it's called a telstra smart modem with the wifi turned off, it's usually wired to the R2 which then handles the WiFi and connects to three other wired computers, as far as I know nothing requires PPPoE to connect. As of now though nothing works through the R2 anymore so I have to plug everything directly into the modem and switch on the wifi at which point I get no issues. I managed to connect back to the R2 and finish the setup offline but it's still the same story, everything seems to be fine but the speed caps at around 0.01 mbps so it's functionally useless.
  11. I haven't changed the modem at all no, Yes I can connect through the modem just fine, I was able to access the settings but I may not be able to anymore as the factory reset pressumably won't complete without a connection to the internet.
  12. As the name states, the router suddenly stopped connecting to the internet correctly despite claiming everything is fine. I tried a factory reset but because it can't connect to the internet it won't finish the setup process, I think it's just dead. I bought the thing in february so it should still be under warranty but I don't know who to contact.
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