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  1. so i shut off ipv6 and reserved the ip for console and it started working again.
  2. okay update. after a few days it stopped working again. the only thing new to the network is i logged into the netgear nighthawk app to see if the hybrid vpn was able to be accessed via app. after that no affect on my consoles. i also tried to re tftp the fw back and still not working again. any ideas?
  3. so i tried this and it worked. now i have no issues. thanks for the awesome support as always! also signed up for 3.0 hopefully vpn will be in beta edit: also question is their anyway i can just ttl/ssh into the router and change any of the openvpn cfg's?
  4. i tried that and my ip did not change, if you wanna pm me i can show you exactly how i set everything up.
  5. everything is set to default basically in that area no PPOE no VLAN but my isp does support ipv6 but i dont use it.
  6. i tried that also and saw no change even on my main system. edit: also when i said it did 0 to the console i mean when the vpn was applied to the console and "Block Traffic If VPN Disconnects" was enabled and when the vpn disconnected it did nothing to the console. no disconnect or anything like its not even applying or something. i even tried purepvn and HMA, nothing.(and the ip was always my public external IP not VPN).
  7. @Netduma Fraser i tried that and it wasn't changing.
  8. in internet setup in the dumaos? i never changed any of my internet setup in dumaos let the router and my modem fill in everything, just assigned my own mac. and i just was doing it quickly through the call of duty servers if you go to account it allows you to see your external ip and geo location. also hard rebooted console after every test.
  9. @Netduma Steve i have done that already, its not working with any devices. to be clear setting up vpn and adding to the list would do all traffic on said device if the device is a console right?
  10. yes and i mean the VPN isnt being applied to the device at all. in my case my public external IP is still visible on the console.(even with vpn selected)
  11. im having the same issue the VPN is connecting correctly just not being applied to any of the devices ive added to the devise list. any updates on fixes for this yet? hopefully beta fw will fix it
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