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  1. Nice !! Thanks a lot man ! Will give it a shot tomorrow and let you know how it goes
  2. If you had my setup to work with how would you set it up Fraser ? R2 as the main router of course but the mesh WiFi system ? Would you place them in acces point and connect devices using only the WiFi of this acces point or would you just hook it up as a normal router placed behind the R2 ? Just to know what will be the best benefit for me , because gaming is top priority but I still want to have WiFi for every other device in my house to work properly 😁
  3. Not only 2 for each device , sometimes even 3 or 4 different ip addresses were assigned to the same device ... but you could only see this in the device manager , in the Qos flower only the name of the same device would come up multiple times but not the ip addresses , as for deleting the devices that’s gonna be a problem because the device is online I can’t delete any of the devices that are listed more then ones because it states the device is online ...
  4. Thanks fraser ! Soooo quick of You to reply on my topic ! Keep up THE good work as always ! Another question tho , e few months back i had THE xr500 and later THE xr700 but both suffered from THE Same problem ... if i would add a range extender or setup this range extender ass an acces point then THE devices connected to that extender or acces point would get multiple ip adressen assigned in THE Device manager list , giving problems with THE Qos ass THE Same device would be listed multiple times in de Qos flower , also the router ip adress itself would also be listed in the Qos flower and device manager list ... is this problem fixed or not ? If this is fixed I can setup my mesh WiFi system as an acces point correct ? If the problem is not fixed then I should setup the mesh WiFi system as a normal router behind my R2 because the mesh WiFi is only being used for websurfing and streaming
  5. Hi There , i Just bought the r2 but the WiFi signal just isn’t cutting it.. so I want to use my tp-link Deco x20 mesh system for WiFi where the r2 is My main router that get’s a public static ip from my isp provider and the mesh WiFi system behind the r2 to give wifi to my devices but should i place the mesh WiFi systeem in acces point or just let it function as a normal router beginde the r2 ? I know if i do that i get double nat on the mesh WiFi router but it’s only use is for streaming or surfing not for gaming so is this setup ok or not ? Because i Dont want the devices connected to my mesh WiFi system to pop up on the r2 device manager list , so should i setup a seperate network to do this or just place my mesh WiFi system in acces point mode to actieve this ? Thanks in advance !
  6. Thanks for welcoming me to the forum platform ! And ok I will try that and get back to you Fraser
  7. So I recently bought the xr700 and absolutely loved it !! But there was one downside .. the WiFi didn’t reach everywhere in the home so I bought both the netgear ex7700 and the ex8000 range extender and tried to set this up als an extender but the results where horrible even in the device manager i now get multiple unnamed devices and multiple ip adresses assigned to my devices and even when the extender was in range and the light was solid white which means the setup is the best possible , THE results where poor .. also when using it as an extender one 5ghz band is used to setup a connection with the xr700 router (dedicated backhaul) but there is one downside .. 1st information needs to be send from the xr700 to the extender , the extender then reads all of the information and needs to send it back to the xr700 => DELAY !! Our worst enemy when it comes to gaming soooo I setup the range extender as an acces point , my setup is like this xr700=> gigabit switch -> main pc then from the Same gigabit switch A LAN cable goes to my ex8000 , there a LAN cable goes to my ps4 then from the ex8000 another LAN cable goes to the ex7700 (second extender in ap mode) then when I go to device manager both the ex7700 and the ex8000 are shown and given an ip adres bacause they are connected with the xr700 using a LAN cable , as it should be!! I also reserved an ip adres for both of them so this never changes => static ip the one thing I’m struggling with is the fact that now both ex7700 and ex8000 are listed in de Qos pentagram and I’m stuck here .. should I give all my bandwith to the ex7700 and ex8000 because al my WiFi devices And LAN connected devices are connected with the ex7700 and ex8000 Both through WiFi or LAN PLEASE HELP !! just a reminder only my main pc is connected through LAN directly after the xr700 router all the rest is connected behind THE ex7700 or the ex8000 ! and these are my internetspeeds : 1000mb/s download and 40mb/s upload NOTE !! If anyone else suggests another way To setup my internet that is better or faster or can give me better results in ping etc. Please let me know I currently have al my connected devices set equally in Qos ! the only strange thing is that the ex8000 (better than the ex7700) that way only has 240 mb/s download and 39mb/s upload while the ex7700 gives me 500mb/s download and 39mb/s upload NOTE !! The ex8000 connects my PlayStation through LAN and my tv through WiFi my ex7700 only had one tv connected through WiFi , no other devices
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