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  1. If it works in elimination and pair with other player, must work. I want to know more details. Can you send me and invitation to that discord channel?. I´ve never used it but i can register if its needed.
  2. I have tried to configure both routers, but I cannot get it to work. The idea of acquiring the router was to improve the speed and the only thing that I have connected are complications. I see that I am not the only one to whom this specific model gives problems, so taking advantage of the fact that I have the option to return it, I will choose it. If possible, I still try to get hold of an XR500, I hope it works better than this one. Thanks for the help and best regards.
  3. I have tested the cables... I use the same in both routers, and both are new, so its highly imporbable that its a problem with them. In the statistics of the XR all the LAN ports are shown as 1000M. I tried the connection in all of them but nothing. I cant test the old router on bridge mode today. You mean to set the internet setting in the XR as DHCP intead of PPPoE, and disable the vlan?. If someone can post a screenshoot of how has to set it, I'll be very greatful.
  4. I have connected the Eth1 of the mitrastar with the wan port of the XR300, but i dont know how to set the connection of the XR300 to work that way. I have connected like that: I´ve set the old router in bridge mode (i edited the wan connection of the Mitrastar and set the mode in bridge as i see in a you tube video, about the same model HGW-2501 ) and execute de wizard of the XR300, but dont recognize the connection. I dont know how to proceed.
  5. You mean using the old router in bridge mode?. I never do it, but i wil try and tell.
  6. Yes, using the "burger" icon and the check: At this point, i left all by default again (except the bandwidth).
  7. Hi!. I have an strange problem with my XR300. I will try to tell as simple as i can. I have an 600/600 simetrical speed ftth conection that worked fine and gets me a speed between 450-600. It was pretty stable before and usually i get over 600/600, but with the increased use after COVID problems, thats all i get. I always talk about wired connection. I´ve tried with the next steps. 1) I changed the ISP router and plug the XR300 to the ONT. As the wizard dont works i configure the conection manually, with user and pass and create the vlan for the inernet connection and i get access to the internet. All seems to work fine, but then i launch a speed test and it get below 100/100 speeds. 2) I realize many tests to locate the problem(net card of the pc, a switch tests, changue the wires), and finaly i test the pc directly to the XR300, but with the same result. I test to replace the router with the older one, and i get the high speeds again. From this point i consider the pc, ont, and wires work fine. All the next have been done over a direct connection with the same working wires (cat 5e) that have been used in test with the older router. 3) I disabled the QoS and get the antiblufferboat on never, but nothing happens. Also i set the prope bandwidth, to 600/600 because it dont semms to autodetect. 4) I tried to use the MAC of the old router intead the default one, but nothing. 5) I have set the vlan settings like the older router (id 6 and priority to 1). 6) I´ve tested the LAN port works in 1000M in the statistics of the XR300 and as i said before, in the pc. 7) A speedtest by the nighthawk app shows a better speed in router but keeps getting bad ones on the pc. 😎 I tried to reset and set all again with the same results. 9) The difference between the older router and the new are manifest in the screenshot (same server and ping) I dont know what else try or if its better return the product to amazon. Anyone can help?. Thanks!!.
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