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  1. What will be happen exactly to geo filtering Destiny 2 on consoles when sdr will be implemented in 1/2 weeks? Because i bought this router just for this feature
  2. What is strange is that i worked so fine till 2 weeks ago, nothing was changed and than this problem
  3. I allow everything that’s pop up on the map when i add them in spectating, but we can’t connect in filtering
  4. As a title, i play destiny 2 with geofilter on ps4 with my netduma r1, the first two months i had no problem with it, all flawless, but from 2 weeks i can’t join my whitelisted friends fireteam, i tried to delete and then re-allow them (on spectating mode), and when i turn on filtering mode again they can probably join for 5 minutes, then the problem return.
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