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  1. She uses 5GHZ and my wifi channel is 52(DFS) as I checked that near my area people use channel 40 and 44. Also what should be my optimal Qos setup in your opinion? Next time i have a download ill try always on Anti-BB. Furthermore, when i do a speed test on ps4 i will go from 80-100ish to 45.6 on download, just wanted to ask is that normal and incorrect? Since i'm using a wired connection shouldn't i roughly get 100 all the time ? P.s. I've also done a wired testing whilst Qos was on with my laptop and achieve the speeds my isp provide btw. Also when im on duma i sometimes see nil as a figure
  2. ohhh okay and no i haven't disabled share excess
  3. Just covered names of devices. I've recently changed the bufferbloat from the original post
  4. Also, my internet connection type says DHCP. As i was reading other posts on the forum and people had PPoE. I don't really know the difference but just to let you know. Quick note this is how currently my qos looks like. The majority goes to my ps4.
  5. Hey fraser, I have disabled qos and gotten my full speed when using ethernet on my macbook. When I enabled qos the cod update for 3gb multiplayer was saying 30 mins but when I disabled qos and see what the download was, it said 5ish mins ??
  6. I have recently bought an xr300 from a local store and set it up. So far its okay but i would like to know the key features to improve the wireless speeds. My ISP provides 100 down and 10 up but i would only get roughly 40-50 down when i'm not that far from the router Also my qos allocation for all the devices are roughly the same (got like 15 devices). I did also do the anti blufferbloat which is like 85% each maybe this is it? but ive only set it for high priority so when i play ps4 it should take effect. Furthermore, when downloading the new cod update it took ages to download and usually doesn't take long from my old wavlink router. Is there any way to improve the ps4 speeds? Finally i'm a bit curious why the dns is set to the ip address when i clicked to get the dns from isp. Not a tech wizard and wasn't sure if that okay or should i manually change to the isp one. many thanks, adam
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