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  1. Thank you for this. However it seems every game I play is this way. I’m not exaggerating. I don’t know if you play modern warfare, but their servers seem to be awful from what the community says. It seems every update they make; my lag will get really bad. Then after awhile I’ll get lobbies that feel how they should be. Then another update comes out and I’m back to lagging. For instance last week I was playing lobbies with 30-40 ping and it was great. The update came out last night, now I can’t play a single game with a ping below 100 or massive packet loss. I went and played black ops 4 and it felt really smooth. Went back to modern warfare and it was still lagging.
  2. I can’t at the moment provide a screenshot but I can say with certainty that the server does appear in the radius I have set up for geo filtering from Phoenix
  3. Yeah Georgia is much further than the 599 mile geo filter I set. I'll try your suggestion. It seems Modern warfare has a workaround for geo filtering? weird.
  4. Okay 8f2d6e39ca2e3a3f 29605b26fdc8191e 4f8e59242bee3136 72184b16b5116469 I want to point out that some games will show70-80 ping but packet loss is still very high and I'll rubberband
  5. Yes those are my average pings shown by geo filter. And where are the ID’s located that you need?
  6. Average ping is 100-200. I’m in Phoenix AZ. And I am using QoS. The servers I’m connecting to are usually California
  7. Hi I have my nighthawk 300 router set up with geo filtering to within 599 miles of my location. Ping assist is currently off. This doesn't seem to help me connect to better lobbies at all. Every single game I play the ping is well over 100, and high packet loss.
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