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  1. I tried that code but unfortunately have the same result The only difference is that the lines "TLS" and "WARNING" no longer show, so it still times out and loops indefinitely but now the error looks like this:
  2. Thank you :) The servers I'm looking to connect to are anything in or around New York. I believe the IP in my original config example above is not a New York server, but I've tried the NY ones straight from Mullvad's config file generator with seemingly the same result :/
  3. Using the following config data (and regardless of what I seem to try) dumaOS on an R1 seems to endlessly loop a mullvad connection with a ping-restart, never properly connecting to the VPN: The error message is as follows: Which just endlessly loops. No variations of the config file that I've tried seem to work. I've also tried multiple servers as well to no avail. Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong? 😕
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