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  1. That's a work around but also really irritating, I switch discord servers very frequently which would mean I would have to turn the filter on and off multiple times an hour.
  2. This It's totally unrealistic to think that I can allow all the different discord servers. For instance I have 10 discord servers allowed but there are probably dozens more that I don't. Am I the only person this is happening to? It's weird because I used the filter for at least a month before this started happening.
  3. This discord bug is driving me insane.... I have to choose between playing with friends or using the geofilter!
  4. My wireless drops constantly while using smart connect, it happens on my work VPN, my chromecast audios, etc. Also, the Discord workaround stopped working, I can no longer connect to discord again while the filtering is enabled. Each time it's giving me a discord server in random places, I try to click allow but it doesn't work. Many of the discord peers it's trying to connect to are in europe, I try to allow their connection but it fails.
  5. There is literally nothing on my geo-filter map when I try to connect to Discord. Edit: Got it to work, had to turn off autoping and then allow the server in Cali. Thanks for the help. I would really like to get into the beta so I can use a single network name as opposed to 2.4 and 5ghz separately. Could you please move me up the list?
  6. I had the same problem, the only thing that worked was separating the 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks (don't use the same name). Ever since I've done that wireless performance and stability have been quite good. I agree in general with your Dumaos complaints though
  7. Ever since I started trying to use filtering mode on my XR500 I've been unable to connect to any discord servers. I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada. If I put the XR500 into spectate then Discord works. I've read many other netduma users had the same problem. What is the deal? So far the XR500 has been a HUGE headache and I dearly regret buying it. I don't find it's helped my latencies in Warzone at all. The wireless has issues with dual band so I have to use different names for 2.4 and 5ghz. I signed up for the beta for the new Netduma over a month ago and nothing has happened.
  8. Thanks gents, just set it to 70-70. I'll adjust my speeds when the new ISP is installed.
  9. Right now I have gigabit cable but it's cancelled and I'm dropping down to 50m FTTN on Thursday because cable in my area is horrendous. I did setup QoS but I live alone so I'm not sure how much I'll need it.
  10. New netduma customer, so far so good. I've read all the suggested guides, just curious if the bit about COD black ops applies to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019? "NOTE FOR BLACK OPS 4 PC PLAYERS: you need to make a small adjustment for the Geo-FIlter to work Go to Device Manager and click on your gaming PC. Change the device type to a PS4 and click Save. Now go to the Geo-Filter and add your device at the top as described above. It will show the service as 'Console'. You can now follow the remaining steps" I loaded the call of duty profile and changed my PC to a PS4. Is this the preferred setup for COD:Warzone? I bought this router pretty much just to make COD a better experience. Any other advice is welcome. Thanks for the solid documentation.
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