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  1. I have 2 more weeks to return the product.
  2. For info, in AP mode, there is no wifi isolation, devices connected in different wifi bands can communicate but I can't stay in AP mode, I lose all interest in this router. Do you think I can test DumaOS 3.0 bĂȘta in order to check if it's different before to return my product and refund ?
  3. Ok, thanks, i am currently dealing with netgear support (the road will be long... they asking me to put the XR500 in AP mode ) During my tests, I have notice that ping is OK between devices in differents wifi "band". Does it means there are something like TCP filtering in this issue ?
  4. All combinations are KO Tests results : Guest wifi 2,4Ghz (chromecast) <-> Private Wifi 2,4Ghz (smartphone) : KO Guest wifi 2,4Ghz <-> Guest Wifi 5Ghz : KO Guest wifi 2,4Ghz <-> Private Wifi 5Ghz : KO Guest wifi 5Ghz (oculus) <-> Ethernet (PC) : KO
  5. Hi, thanks for the quick answer. Chromecast (2,4Ghz) - Smartphone (2,4Ghz) : OK Chromecast (2,4Ghz) - Smartphone (5Ghz) : KO Oculus (2,4Ghz) - PC (Ethernet) : KO Oculus (5Ghz) - PC (Ethernet) : KO Still have the issue with : Disabling QOS, toggling IGMP proxying and ping conf Do you know if this defect is planned to be corrected in a futur release ?
  6. Hello, I have bought the Netgear XR500 last week and I am facing some issues regarding "connections" between devices on Wifi 2,4Ghz, Wifi 5Ghz and Ethernet. - I can't use my Chromecast (connected on wifi 2,4Ghz) with my Smartphones (connected on wifi 5Ghz) - I can't access to my computer (SMB) (connected on Ethernet) with my Oculus (connected on wifi 5Ghz) It seems there is a Wifi isolation issue. Firmware version : V2.3.2.56 Using "Orange France DHCP " profil I am not using guest wifi. I think it is a known issue (but i am not sure) , but is it planned to have a correction ?
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