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  1. WOOHOO! Thank you. Im not sure why / the technical details of this... But I noticed on WIFI explorer my 2.4 was on a heavy congested channel in my area... when I adjusted it to something less polluted, the 2.4ghz receiver picked up the XR500. My second theory is that the XR500 somehow only broadcasted the 2.4ghz @ 40mhz due to the pollution in the 20mhz range on the previous channel. (don't know if the router would do that automagically)... But I just did a spot check, and the Astrum receiver cant see other 40Mhz 2.4 networks... but it DOES see 20mhz networks. Again, I cant confirm if that was the exact problem... but I'll call it a day & say its good enough for now... at least I can pack the old access point away.
  2. Yes. They have the same SSID... I did that on purpose (I do realize the implications of it... I assumed devices might somehow prefer it over the XR500)... but even switching off the Trendnet access point completely, the Astrum receiver does not pick up the XR500's 2.4 network. It only likes/sees the Trendnet's 2.4 when its running... so bizzare. 😕 Again thank you... I think the wifi explorer tool will be able to help me debug a lot
  3. Ok wow! I did not know about that tool. My network seems fine... I think I'm going to investigate a bit further... as it seems like the issue might be with the receiver then. I'll (once the work day is over), test when I split the SSID's of the 2 XR500 WIFI networks.
  4. I've since swapping over to this router, not been able to get all my devices connected to the router's wifi network, thus I've needed to setup an older router in as an access point to support 2.4n. While the above solution did work... it feels like I'm just avoiding the problem. as per what I understand in the Netgear Nighthawk specs, the XR500 should support IEEE® 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz. I have an additional PC with a little budget adapter + about 7 (new; not installed) smart devices that will all need access to my home network via 2.4 n. I have been running the router with the wireless Smart Connect Enabled (which per my understanding will swap between 2.4 & 5 ad hoc)... so I'm not sure if that is the issue. I did a quick test by enabling the Guest 2.4 only... and that also didn't show up. I initially discovered this during my initial switch over, and the budget adapter did not want to connect, I then, not wanting to struggle with connecting the light switches, when the electrician comes to do the electrical installs this Friday, setup the bridge as a quick fix in the interim... Then during my initial R&D, I saw a few random tech spec posts online where they say the XR500 only supports 802.11ac, but then in the official docs & software its specified as supporting a broader range. I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with this type of setup before, as I'm a little confused as to how to get these devices to see the 2.4 network (if it is at all supported)?
  5. I have tried some of the rpc requests over just a standard curl and they seem to work. Except somehow when I try to use that exact same command inside IOS's Network Request Shortcut, I keep getting Auth Required. I think this issue is caused by the IOS shortcut / automation workflow system... All I want to do at this stage is say... "Hi Siri Enable Guest WiFI / VPN" etc... If I get any of this working, I'll post on here, as I believe the same solution can potentially be used for other purposes too, short of that... it does seem that you could just inspect & use the network requests.
  6. @Netduma Iain Of course... these are routers that would need to eventually be distributed to potentially 100s of thousands of households... I'd not expect anything less... ultimately Netduma carries the responsibility of the software going out, so it cant be a free for all. I was mainly thinking for example to somehow extend the HybridVPN interface to allow importing of OVPN files (vs having to copy and paste the file content into that text block)... or having the VPN login details persist between editing them, or the modals resizing properly etc... you know not major things... but just minor interface annoyances. If this can be solved by 3rd party RApps... then all of the above will be moot... Maybe a suggestion though... when 3rd party RApps become possible... will there be sample apps available somewhere to get to grips with it... and maybe another thought added to that... could we base 3rd part RApps off of internal RApps? ..again I'm requesting this with the idea in mind of extending the hybrid VPN interface
  7. I'm a software engineer by trade (12 years going strong, e.g I'm versed in NodeJS / C# for back end tech, and a lot of the other JS Frameworks mainly React + Angular.)... but not skilled in the same tech DumaOS is written in (I'm assuming C++ and, I can see the UI is built in Polymer) Is there any way the community can contribute to the OS. I feel some concepts of polymer for example aren't unique to polymer... and for me to be able to do minor entry level tasks in it would be a fun way to learn some other tech. The reason I'm asking, is I believe we could assist with things like adding smaller features / fixing smaller issues. Again, for me specifically more VPN providers would be great... Would there ever be a time when you guys at Netduma would accept contributions from the community (obviously Netduma would need to vigorously screen the PR before merging)... but I'm happy to do some grunt work if it makes my life (and other peoples) easier in the long run.
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