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  1. My only solution was to get another router. I'm not sure if it was just the hardware, or DumaOS itself, however I did note that people with the non-gaming version of the XR300 (known as: R6700) also has been making people disconnect from COD. So I'm more leaning to the fact that it's that particular model's hardware as like Fraser said, there shouldn't be anything within DumaOS causing it.
  2. Alrighty, I've confirmed that the XR300 just doesn't like Battlenet or vise versa. Managed to keep Cold War on for 8 hours overnight, and I've had Warzone running for 3 hours at this point. No disconnects. It's a shame because I really liked the XR300, but I think I'll have to stick with the Asus router from now on.
  3. So I was on Cold War today for 6 hours on the XR300, and decided to hop on Warzone with some friends. I only managed 2 hours before getting disconnected from Warzone. I picked up the Asus RT-AX82U from BestBuy today. Since I got disconnected I decided to setup the Asus router and so far I've been on Cold War for over 2 hours with no problems. Gonna leave it on overnight and see if I get disconnected at all. I'm also gonna try Warzone after that.
  4. Gonna revive this topic because I have new updates. So I'm still going back and forth with Blizzard/Activison and I haven't been able to figure it out yet. I've just confirmed that it is NOT my modem (CM1000v2) as I tried a Surfboard SB2000 last night and had the same issue. I think I am gonna try another router and see if it's actually the XR300 itself. I'm gonna first try a normal router (non DumaOS). If that works I'll try a higher tier of the XR. Maybe a XR1000. So to recap - I've isolated it down to either the router itself or Activision not making a working game.
  5. Gotcha. Just requested an RMA. Hopefully that'll do the trick.
  6. Alrighty. I just ran a speed test and I'm up to 813mbps download now. Isn't some speed lost from Modem to Router though? I'm not sure how this warranty process is handled. I know Walmart sells these routers so maybe I can send this back and Netgear can give me some pass or something to pick one up from Walmart so I'm not without a router in the meantime.
  7. I actually just called that when I factory reset it reverted to 192 ip and when I tested on that it was fine. My mistake. And no speeds are the same before/after.
  8. Alright so I factory reset it today. Made no difference. Could having a Class A LAN IP ( be the issue?
  9. Ah fair. I did forget about the backup file. I'll test that in the morning and update you here
  10. I've rebooted a few times, but it has been quite a while since I did a factory reset. I'd like to avoid that because I have manually set ips for a lot of devices but if it helps I'll do it.
  11. Unfortunately I don't have another router that could push 1gb. I did just set it to AP mode, then I set it back to Router mode and I am now pushing 780mbps down. It's getting better, but still would like to get closer to my original speeds.
  12. So yeah I tested direct connect to the modem and was getting around 900. Not quite the 950 I was getting, but still a lot better. I have modem connected to the XR300 via Ethernet and the cable is plugged into the WAN port. Then I have another Ethernet cable going from Port 1 to my PC. I disabled QoS under the QoS tab and checked "Disabled QoS" on the side popout menu. I since re-enabled it as it made no difference.
  13. I just spent around 4.5 hours talking to Netgear and Cox support for my speed issues. I've done nearly everything such as: Disabling QoS, Enabling AntiBB, downgrading Frimware, etc. I'm completely lost but I pay for gigabit and I have around 500 download when in the past I used to get 950~.
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