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  1. I shall do that now, thank you very much for your help!
  2. Sorry for the delayed response I forgot to add that last week I used a wifi analyser to choose the optimal channel, it made little difference, and still have connection problems with the R1 So more issues today, the wifi on the R1 stopped working, no devices could connect, and could not access DumaOS interface, and so unplugged the R1 and plugged it back in; which solved the problem, but still getting poor connection speeds with the R1. Factory resetting R1: CPU usage prior to reset would fluctuate between 60%-100%. Post-reset CPU usage is marginally lower - until I reapplied my usual settings (QoS 70/70, geofilter) where CPU usage hit 100 consecutively for a little bit and now fluctuates at a similar point to pre-reset. Also the R1 makes a lot of static-like noise - not sure if that's abnormal Is it possible that I have a faulty unit?
  3. I think I rebooted the router, but did not do a factory reset, I don't recall an instruction to do so - would factory resetting not revert the upgrade? In addition, I have tested and compared wired speedtests between my Vodafone hub and R1: it appears the ping remains pretty much the same, however the bandwidth varies. With Voda the speedtest meter instantly hits ~36mb and stays there until complete, with R1 the meter starts off low ~10mb and slowly climbs higher and higher until it reaches 36mb. Sometimes it will fall short and max out in the 20s but each speedtest invariably starts low and slowly climbs with R1 - I find this very strange.
  4. Hello, thank you for your response - I had signed up for the latest version of DumaOs when I set the R1 up and was running the latest version when the problems occurred; I have now signed up for the 3.0 beta, thank you for the link - Regarding PPPoE and VLAN - I simply plugged the router in, downloaded the latest DumaOs version and it worked, I didn't alter any settings of that sort - There is no option for reactive and preemptive algorithms with this version of DumaOS? I noticed there were options before I upgraded. Apologies if I'm not looking properly
  5. Hello! I purchased the Netduma R1 3 days ago and have had a couple of issues. I apologise for the somewhat bloated post. Background info ISP: Vodafone Connection speed: 36mb down / 6mb up / 5ms ping / 0ms jitter to Vodafone Manchester server on Ookla speedtest Devices used for speedtests: Macbook pro; Galaxy S8 smartphone R1 delivered on: 17/06/2020 Day 1: upon setting up the R1, my connection speeds over wifi dropped instantly by around half. Speedtests to my Vodafone hub remained at 36/6/5ms/0ms jitter over wifi but with the R1 are sporadicly lower. Even with "Disable QoS" checked. At its highest on R1 it tends to be 30/5 but the ping can be between 5-30ms and the jitter rises to around 12-43ms over wifi. I am unable to test wired as my macbook requires an adapter to connect an ethernet cable. I began playing Modern Warfare (PS4, wired, Vodafone hub -> R1 -> PS4) Ping assist is set to 15ms and when connected my ping tends to stay at a consistent, stable 12-13ms. No hiccups at all worked perfectly, joining friends' games, joining party chat etc. So on day 2: I decided to connect all devices in the house to the R1 to utilise the traffic prioritisation feature when gaming. So I disabled the vodafone hub's wifi and moved the household's devices onto the R1, all wireless so 6 devices in total were connected to the R1 (5 wifi + 1 PS4). Some things would take more time than usual, for example when sending whatsapp messages, messages sent will have the timer icon for about 2 seconds or so before changing to a single tick, whereas with the vodafone hub it instantly displays a single tick. This is all outside of gaming and with QoS disabled. Subsequently things got a bit weird. When gaming, I couldn't connect to a friend's party chat, it took a long time to connect to the MW online menu and I noticed the auto-ping tracker rocketed to 143 ping whilst in MW main menu. I did a speedtest on my phone and found that connection speeds dropped to about 18mb down/0.1mb up and whilst ping was 16ms, the jitter was measured at 1243ms! Back to back speedtests yielded similar results at 700ms-1000ms jitter, depsite Vodafone hub wifi speedtests at the same time yielding 5ms ping 0 jitter and 36/6mb. Additionally, I couldn't connect to my friend and the connection speeds were so abysmal that I tried rebooting the router to no avail, and was then left with having to unplug the R1 and connect PS4 directly to Vodafone hub, where things went back to normal. Now, as the connection-drops over wifi are too troublesome for devices in the house, I have reconnected everything back to the Vodafone hub where things are running smoothly. The R1 is only connected via ethernet to my PS4 and via wifi to my Macbook for dumaos use. Even now as I type this, I can do back to back speedtests that all yield random results over wifi with the R1, I shall screenshot the image. Meanwhile speedtests over the Vodafone hub stayed at a consistent 36/6. Also, one quirky observation, whenever I conduct a speedtest, the R1 router begins to exhibit a strange noise! It's a sort of rattle or buzzing, that sort of sounds like a bird cawing in the distance, as soon as I cancel the speedtest it goes away! It's very strange, I don't know if this is normal. I unfortunately wasn't able to do a wired speedtest when the PS4 networking went all funny, but I have ordered an adapter and should be able to compare wired and wifi speedtests tomorrow. If anyone could offer some advice on why the connection seems to be going all wonky I would really appreciate it! I really don't want to end up refunded if possible because I LOVE the geofilter, it is simply brilliant, the software is just tremendous. I rarely lag in game but when I do I've always suspected it was a foreign/laggy server I've been connected to and now I can eliminate that with the R1! It is a brilliant product. In conclusion: R1 is not capable of delivering my usual wifi connection speeds consistently Had an issue when connected to PS4 (wired) unable to join party chat stuck trying to connect, very slow joining games, sky high ping, issue isolated to R1 and not Vodafone hub Very high jitter measurements when using R1 Router makes noise whenever I try to do a speedtest
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