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  1. I'll check this afternoon and get back to you.
  2. I have it set to 49 and my friend lives just a few km from me.
  3. I added him to the allow list and it still won't find games.
  4. I can find a game when I'm alone. I'm not sure how to add him to my allow list. I'm always the one that hosts.
  5. why is it whenever I play cold war with a friend and the geo filter is on I can't find a game ?
  6. still getting the error as well..everytime time I'm about to join a game i get the error now. I can't get into a game with the geo filter on.
  7. I'm getting the same error and have trouble finding games in CW
  8. Same for me. 5ghz is still an issue
  9. thanks.I appreciate it... i don't know why i thought you meant i needed to go to device manager on my pc from windows 10 lol...haven't slept well haha
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