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  1. I cannot get into portwarding on my modem while its in bridgemode and if i disable bridge mode i hve no internet conn at all
  2. What Exactly Do i put in its asking for an Ip
  3. I am not seeing an DMZ option on my comcast modem to put my R1 Ip in. I am limited options while my modem is in bridge Mode. Is there another way to get open nat type?
  4. Ok Awesome Ill Try That!! Thnks 4the help
  5. Nat type :Moderate How do i reserve an ip for the R2 i dnt kno where to look im new to the R2.I hve am Comcast Xfinity XB7 modem. Where exactly once i get the reserved R2 Ip where do i need to put it?
  6. I was able to get up & going again. I just altered the password on the R2 to beable to get to the set up screne. How excatly do i get an OPEN nat on Coldwar on Pc.. Sorry for all the question these devices are totaly beyond my knowledge lol...
  7. Ill ask this question b4 i mess sumthing up again.. How do i get an Open nat type on ColdWar for pc?
  8. Ok sounds good ill try to get it going again when i get in from work. Thanks for Help Fraser. Ill post bck if i cannot get it working again..
  9. I think i went to network settings then over to General (i think but not shure) then entered it in there im not 100% shure it was a new screne i had never saw lol. Everything was working correctly until i went an messed with things lol.. So should i shut everything down even the modem and retry the whole set up process again?
  10. I am not able to get internet through router now. Got on my pc to play a game and all internet dropped. I tryed reseting it. Unplugging everything and pluggin everything bck in. Cannot get to interface to try to set up the connection again. Ive litterly had nothing problems after problems with the R2.realy wish this thing would cause this is a great router. If i remember correctly when i tryed to set a static Ip for the router is when my connection/internet dropped. Any help would be greatly apprectited.
  11. Thanks For the help Fraser, I was able to get in..
  12. Hopped on my pc today went to the dumsos interface it was asking me for my username & password never saw this screne b4.Tryed Admin & Password didnt let me in.I had to move a few things in my house today so had to turn the R2 off for a few, How do i get bck to the dumaOs?
  13. Ok sum how it started to work for now lol but when im playing on a server for my best connection. My latency & ping is still way high than im use to playing on..
  14. Is there sumthing wrong the GeoFilter. Im tryin to get into a game on Coldwar (pc) but its litterly not letting me i have my destinatiom set and the 3 servers i chose for best connection.I litterly sat for 45min and nothing. If i turn the geofilter off i get into a game pretty quickly. Any one else experiencing this problem?
  15. Ok Fair Enough!! Will try that and see what happens. Thnks for ur help Fraser
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