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  1. Copy. Thanks for letting me know! It's a bit weird but I seem to enjoy playing at 35ms rather than 15-19ms and the VPN is the only way I can achieve that with all the servers located here in Sydney! Thanks again
  2. Hi @Netduma Liam, Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I'm trying to run the game traffic through the VPN while also having it prioritised with the anit-bufferbloat. If that is even possible?? No I did not disable the VPN client on the PC while the hybrid VPN was enabled. I guess a quick-fix for this issue is just have the sliders set to 70% and "Always" enabled. Am I correct in saying that? Although, having Traffic Prioritisation and "Auto-Enable" would be preferable while my personal VPN is enabled. Please let me know if there is a possible solution for this. Thank you!
  3. Hey guys, Just wondering if there is a way to prioritise my PC's traffic while playing Warzone with the anit-bufferbloat while I have a VPN connected. Without the VPN I can just pop in the ports for Warzone and it prioritises my PC every time but as soon as I connect my VPN to a nearby city, it doesn't seem to recognise those ports anymore. I've looked into the hybrid VPN and connected my external VPN to the router, also adding those same ports the "dont run these ports through my VPN section" however, still didn't recognise my PC with that "red light" not coming on. Very frustrating not having warzone on the recognised games list.. Everything works perfectly when my VPN is disconnected but as soon as I turn it on, even a Zoom call on another device gives me lag and packet bursts. All with 100mbps! If anyone knows the way around this, it would be much appreciated! Thank you.
  4. Solved! I was able to manually set up my internet connection on the XR500 plugging it straight into the NBN NCD. After numerous failed attempts, I located the VLAN tag group in advanced settings and changed the default No. 10 to 2 as required by my ISP. Special thanks to @digz_au for some experienced Australian NBN advice. Feel free to add anything I may have missed for anyone who may have come across this issue, or who may be bridging their ISP modem unnecessarily. Thanks everyone.
  5. @digz_au that would be best case scenario. I’ll give it a shot too.
  6. @digz_au I have definitely tried that. If you have Fibre to the Curb and the (please see attached) NCD inside your premises, please upload a pic of it in operation. I really wish it would. I am well aware that PCD's for Fibre to the Premises and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial don't require modems, as I have used my XR500 for years with HFC. But for FTTN, FTTB and FTTC this Network Connection Device unfortunately does not act as a modem.
  7. Hey @Netduma Alex Thanks for the advice. You've hit the nail on the head. Do you think it would be easier to just buy and run a modem/router which has "Modem Only" or "Pure Bridge Mode" like the Netgear D6220 (which is supposedly VDSL2 and Australian NBN compatible) seeing as though it looks like bridging to the XR500 is the only way to connect to these Australian NCD's (NBN Connection Devices) which are used for Fibre to the Curb and Fibre to the Node type connections? And if it doesn't work, I can certainly give your way a try with my ISP supplied modem/router. Thanks again.
  8. Do I need something like a Netgear D6220 which can be configured into a "Pure Bridge" mode? Would that work?
  9. Hey Guys, Bit of a rookie with this sort of stuff but I've recently been upgraded to a NBN100 plan via Fibre to the Curb from ADSL2+, which is great my ping is a lot lower and getting over 10x faster up and down speeds. My issue is trying to set up a bridged connection with the ISP's modem/router to my XR500 without having to put it into AP mode. I was able to achieve this back on ADSL2+ without an issue and also at a relatives house who has a NBN HFC connection. When I do attempt to set up a bridge using the ISP's guide, I ran into conflicting NAT issues which slowed my speeds and provided me with a moderate NAT type. I also ran a traceroute from my computer which showed it passing through both the modem/routers protocol and the XR500's which is not a true bridged connection. Does anybody have any experience with this because I'd love to be able to use my XR500 again along with DumaOS. Just running the ISP's modem/router atm which is working fine, but obviously would like to eliminate and bandwidth congestion with DumaOS. My ISP's forum has not been any help so far....I've only been told to run the XR500 in AP mode or use it as a WiFi extender which is not ideal and I have also read that apparently you can't bridge a FTTC connection because it uses WAN/EWAN but I have no idea what that means. Appreciate any suggestions... Thank you.
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