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  1. So my routers great, when I first got it I had to do the hole modem mode with the virgin hub then power on the xr500 and if you dont do it in the right order it just wont connet the internet to the xr500 . But tonight the virgin hub rebooted its self and I can not get this to connect . Is there some way i can go on to dumo0s and connect it without haveing to do this every time the internet cuts out .
  2. Cheers pal I shall try out these ideas and take on board what's been said
  3. Thank you so much for your time to write all this very much appreciated
  4. hi there was wondering if I can get help with my ping please . I was getting between 40 and 60 ping , when i do a speed test I've seen my ping lower at 27ms so I bought the night gear thinking it could achieve this since it has the geo filter and all that but from I've bought it my ping seems to be 50 60 slot which was a bit disappointing for me . I dont want to send it back as I've a feeling someone can help me
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