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  1. Are there any details on how the lan and wan connections perform in real world with qos off? My xr500 gets about 920 on wan
  2. Gotcha. Yea trying to decide if it's worth swapping out the xr500 for it, or just kinda hope the dumaos fixes it. The latest beta is pretty good
  3. Recently upgraded to giganet 940/880 speed. Does this mean router cannot max out my connection?
  4. Hey Fraser, I'm interested as well (XR500) - posted a while back so I'm guessing I'm still waiting. Is there an email address I should unlock to make sure it doesn't get sent to spam?
  5. I'd like to test this firmware as well with my XR500
  6. Hello, My router is just past it's one year warranty period (5/19/2020) and running latest firmware. Talked to support and they don't believe it's a hardware issue. The router is crashing somewhat frequently and began about six weeks ago. It seems to happen more if traffic monitoring is enabled. When it crashes, all wi-fi and network ports cease operation, and only way to fix it is to completely power down and up the router. During this time I cannot access the routerlogin.net website either as it shows as down. Any potential fixes?
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