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  1. Hi, I have had to come back to the non-beta firmware version due to packet loss spikes every 10 minutes or so playing path of exile. Unfortunately my router is still experiencing drop out issues. Since allocating dedicated IPs though I am able to log in when the internet drops out. I collected downloaded the log file before restarting the router. I also noted the router said the internet was disconnected. Any further advice?
  2. I went back to the old firmware and the packet loss/lag went away 😕
  3. I think I'm getting some packet loss in path of exile now with the new firmware. How do I roll back to previous firmware for XR500 ?
  4. Thanks, I have updated to .104 and done a factory reset. I have gone back to DHCP being fully auto. Will post back here if any issues.
  5. No wifi extenders or anything but do have a have a 10 port managed switch. Could be, not sure.
  6. Just crashed again an hour later. I was able to get into the router software for a minute before it locked me out and I saw a series of DHCP events in the log. I will assign ip addresses when I get some spare time. Does that mean any time a new device connects to the network I have to login and allocate it an ip? Edit: OK, so what I have done is; Use router as DHCP server enabled starting IP Ending IP I have assigned addresses to all devices that were connected and the sofware would let me to I note there are still a few unknown devices that are refusing to change, ie. with ips ending in 2, 3 and 112 Does this seem correct?
  7. Seems like I've managed to go about a month until experiencing this crash again just now. I wonder what could be causing it. Fraser are you able to give me a bit more info on giving reserved ip addresses? Is that to all my wired devices?
  8. Netgear community username - Dannyism Would appreciate the latest update, thanks.
  9. Hi, I have started getting this same problem daily for three days in a row now, about the same time around 2 or 3pm in the afternoon. Quite a strange problem, the internet appears to drops out on both wired and wireless connections, I am not able to login or ping the router via The lights are on and look normal on the router. Today when I had this router crash I was on a work call on a laptop connected wirelessly but also with my works automatic VPN and my video call and internet access remained working while all other devices had dropped out. I will check that I am on the latest firmware and perform a hard reset as suggested above. @Netduma Fraser ? edit: firmware v2.3.2.56 Have also completed hard reset using hole on back of router. Will continue to log any dropouts/crashes as they occur.
  10. Hi, Valorant has been released now and I note it is being detected as priority traffic
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