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  1. This one. In Russian jargon they are usually called white IP. Remove picture with WAN IP.
  2. I mean my WAN or Public internet IP (IP for external access), not a whitelisting.
  3. Router VPN Service needs the static IP address or DDNS configured in internet settings. My ISP give me external IP only via DHCP, that was an issue. Registered in the beta testers program. Thanks
  4. Hello, Thank you for your response. And especially for the debug page. 1. White IP it is an external IP address, which used to connect to my router from the internet. I have a static IP address, but I get it via DHCP from my ISP. 2. When OS update can be expected? It will be distributed in the new firmware or updates over the network? Thank you!
  5. Hello Netduma Team, I have some questions and issues about configuration of this router. 1) VPN Service needs the static IP address or DDNS. I receive white IP from my ISP by DHCP, but i need to configure DDNS to use my white IP and always change the configuration manualy. For what this strange restriction made? 2) Trying to find any network utilities like ping or trace to found the issue with network equipment in my local network. Will it be in the future firmware versions? Ping utilities are usually available even in the cheapest routers. 3) The third question follows from the second. Unable to connect via SSH to use network utilities, port opened, but connection refused. How to connect to SSH? 4) HybridVPN feature looks good, can it be configure to use OpenVPN server for some sites, not for whole Internet trafic? Now I use static routing to transfer specific addresses to the VPN deployed on another server in the local network. It would be great to use everything on one device. 5) Wi-Fi restrictions, such as child control, to restrict Internet use for a certain period of time, or summary by time. Will it be in future firmware versions? This is a great feature on asus routers. 6) If a VPN connection is already installed on the PC, it cannot be reset by disabling Internet access for this device, the VPN continues to work. 7) Built-in Netgear NTP server does not work, but this may be due to the stupid restrictions of our Russian government. IP is unknown to check.
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