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  1. I was wondering on the auto ping I am connecting to a peer (is that a server) at 25ms, when I check it to the in game latency I am getting 50-60 ms. I have my circle set to 100 miles because thereis a server (a rectangle with a dot in the middle) I think with in my circle. Which ping is the right one and why are they different? Thanks
  2. Ok that is good to know. I just don’t want anything to slow down the connection.
  3. Thank you I will try that I wish the dumaos webpage was more mobile friendly.
  4. I just purchased a RX500 router. I am having trouble getting a low ping on warzone servers. I live in the Northeast US I have to be I cant see any servers in the Geo-filter and i never get into games. Its hard to believe there are no servers near me. I have added my PS4 as a console with filtering, I am using the the COD profile in the Geo-filter. If I expand the search area I get connected but the ping is 60-70 ping even 100 ping sometimes. The ping is as bad or worse with the RX500 as with my old ISP provided access point. I have inserted a couple screen shots of my settings. Can anyone help?
  5. Does this have anything to do with the fact I am NAT 2. I thought that If my setup was ISP-RX500-PS4, the PS4 would be NAT 1?
  6. I have my RX500 connected directly to to the Ethernet coming from my isp, it is the single access point. I have no modem's or switches on my network, can someone tell me why there is a wan listed with a modem connected to it.
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