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  1. Now i have another problem , i did factory reset on my router and i can not connect to the internet at all ? Blinking internet light all the time . Before the reset the router has the latest firmware update . When i do the 30-30-30 reset role i get blinking power LED and nothing else .HELP PLEASE .
  2. update - i did everything you told me to do and the connection is actually worse than what it was getting high ping over 60-70 ms , the game experience is terrible, players like they have sand bags tied to their foots and the The opponent is way faster than me during the game play ( FIFA 20 ) iam tired of thisThing !! i think this router is a waste of $250 . Everything is connected wired my base ping is 20-25 when i tested it. What is the problem !!
  3. Ok i will try that again that was how it was to begin with But what is the point of having the PA if it does not actually work ? Set up to 30 but the games are getting are 40-50 ms and all the way up to a 100 and more . !!
  4. Iam in New York USA .and yes Iam using Qos . Modem to router wired cat 8 Ethernet cable , ps4 to router wired . Max internet speed is 400mbps.
  5. I am having hard time with My XR500 i don’t seem to be able to get ping less than 40-50 Ms most of the time . Not sure what to do more than what i have done . Last thing i tried is to only use ping assist set to 30 and set my home location in the middle of the Ocean And the results was getting a game with ping 112 ms
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