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  1. Can I have beta for xr500 or you guys going to take 5 more years?
  2. I have ONT then R7000 then XR500. I have nothing connect to my R7000 except XR500. I only have two PS4 console connected to XR500. My QoS still have issues with upload speed. plus my geo-filter not working in any games.
  3. I have my setup as ONT - router - xr500. I was reading previous post about Vlan issues xr500 has but I did everything correct and I still don't get my gro filter or QOS to be working. I DMZ my xr500.
  4. I try everything to xr500 to work for me but this device never works. I have ONT frontiers and I have connect multi routers. I just cant seen to be doing right. Help needed
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