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  1. Thanks, I am using the XR for all of my internet and devices... I did get on and it worked ok but it is not giving me an NAT type... so I think I may need to do something with port forwarding? I do have my detailed Xbox IP address, MAC, etc handy... do I need to enter that into the port forwarding "custom services" section or something? I just want to make sure I am getting the fastest ping and that my NAT is open without having IPV6.
  2. HELP NEEDED! I just got new internet setup today from switching to a broadband provider that delivers much faster speeds with fiber optic cables. I have 1 full gig of speed to work with and recently bought the XR500 and have it all set up. My issue is that when I connect to the new network and set my xbox up to it, it was not giving my NAT Type when tested or connecting to multiplayer saying that "Can't get a Teredo IP address". So I just called the provider and found out they do not support or have IPV6 at all.... so what the heck do I do here? Please help it would be appreciated. I just made all these changes to my internet, invested in a Nighthawk Router and now my hopes are really low if I can not even connect to Live...
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