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  1. Hello again! I have a Synology NAS and the XR450 and I am trying to set up port forwarding rules so I can connect to the NAS via VPN. I was planning on using the NAS's VPN server. I noticed the router actually has its own VPN server but it requires the DDNS to be set up, which makes sense. I realize not all of the information below applies to DumaOS but I wanted to illustrate my train of thought: I need a VPN in order to securely connect to my NAS remotely. I think I can use secure webDAV over the WAN but my understanding is that VPN is more secure. It would make more sense to connect directly to the network using a VPN via the router, however, I ALSO use Synology's DDNS service to easily connect to the NAS when I wouldn't need the VPN so I don't think this is feasible either. In order to use Synology's VPN I need to be able to forward to ports 1701, 500 and 4500 over UDP and in the Port Forward settings section on DumaOS I can't see where I can select UDP from the Service Name dropdown. Basically, I don't know what to do, or if it can be done with this router. Any help or questions would of course be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Thank you, all! Out of curiosity how does the router know to connect the two devices? Or is that special sauce?
  3. Hi Newfie, Sorry for not being clearer originally. Yes I have several AppleTvs, light plugs, HomePods and a Sonos Roam. My thought based on Liam’s post was: 1) if I turn off SmartConnect I assume I will no longer see a single SSID, but then see something like [SSID NAME] 2.4 GHz and [SSID NAME] 5 GHz or something of the like 2) If the above is true, and if I keep the same SSID name and password, will all of my devices still be able to see each other if say my AppleTVs and other PCs are on 5Ghz, for bandwidth reasons and if my smart plugs, HomePods and Sonos Were signed into the 2.4Ghz section? 3) Also, I assume I will lose any sort of “smart switching” that the router would try to implement if I went this route where it automatically down steps my devices from the 5GHz antenna to the 2.4GHz antenna. I hope that helps and I welcome any feedback or clarification. Thanks!
  4. Hey thanks. I didn't reset yet. When I separate the channels, will objects on the other channel still see what is on the 2.4 channel or are they seen as 2 separate networks?
  5. Hey there, I am running an XR450 running V2.3.2.114 I just updated this weekend. I have a few IoT devices (light plugs, HomePods, Sonos, etc.) and sometimes get connection issues I wanted to troubleshoot. I Noticed that they connect to the router at 2.4 or 5 depending on the distance (ie signal strength I suppose) and I was wondering if there may be an issue with the two radios being able to talk to each other (or i guess the backplane or the router having comm issues, I don't know how foolproof the system is or even really how it works). I have my SSID on both radios as identical so I think the router just works its magic to make sure the best radio is being used at a given time. Anyway, to troubleshoot or reduce variables, I was wondering if there is a way I can set the devices to connect on either 2.4 or 5ghz, at least temporarily. Is there a setting on the router I can toggle? I looked in device manager and couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  6. Hey, Fraser, I know it has been a minute since I last replied so I will update. I received the device but I failed to realize when ordering it (massive oversight on my part) that it is only 10/100 since it was made in the 90s. I sent it back since my plan was to keep this connected for an extended period of time and that would slow my connectivity greatly. I will have to look into either getting a new router or some other capture device that can handle the 1GB+ throughput I need and can also log all connection attempts. I have noticed that I get a lot of DoS attacks. From what I gather from reading internet posts, explanations range from this being completely normal nowadays to me doing something terribly wrong to be getting fairly consistent attacks. If I get it figure out out, I will let you know. Here is hoping that DumaOS supports SNMP or similar in the future so logs can be dumped to my NAS and analyzed later :).
  7. Hi. I assume I am missing something on setup here. But I was transferring something from my desktop to my NAS at about 15MB/s and noticed that no activity showed up on my Network Monitor widget. Does DumaOS only monitor traffic coming through the WAN to the stated device? Is there a way to monitor internal network and/or backplane activity? Thanks!
  8. Thanks, since I have quite a few internet connect devices I am probably going to have to go for the HUB option so I can capture all information. Wish me luck.
  9. So I was doing some research. I found this relatively inexpensive device. From what I understand, it seems I need to have a machine plugged into the hub in order to monitor its traffic. Can Wireshark (or other software) monitor traffic on the hub directly? I guess I am asking if it gets an IP address and has a way to send out information to a PC that is monitoring it remotely (like my laptop) but on the same network. Or would I have to be manually plugged into the device in order to monitor traffic flowing through it? I was hoping to have a device just capture the logs all the time so I can go back through them when I get one of those emails from Comcast. I hope that was clear. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for the fast feedback, Fraser! I shall do this!
  11. I know this may be off-topic or at least showing my lack of knowledge of how most consumer routers work, but is there any way to track outbound traffic from my XR450 using DumaOS? I wrong assumed it would be easy or that the capability was there...unless I am so |\|008 I can't even find it. Does the router support this? Do I need another device? Is Pi-hole something that would do this easily? I only ask since that is a Raspberry Pi and would be fairly inexpensive to set up. Comcast keeps sending me emails that I have a bot on my network and I wanted to try to check the outbound logs to see if I could figure it out. Thanks for any assistance.
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