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  1. Hello Fraser, Soo.... it worked for a while now its back to same being stuck on and my ps4 is turned off entirely. Just played about 30 mins of call of duty. Any advice?
  2. Hi Fraser, I think thats done the trick, played 30 mins of PS4 and turned it off and light went off as it should shortly. I have also left DumaOS Classified Games enabled as per screenshot, as I do game on XBOX too, but this dont seem to be breaking my connection on the PS4.
  3. Hello Fraser, Just come across this forum from 2018, exact same issue im facing, the last update was you passed it onto the developers. Is this an issue which cant be sorted as will look into replacing the router with another if so. Thanks, Mas
  4. So I ran another test, I restarted my router to get the light turned off for Traffic Prioritzation, enabled DumaOS Classified Games and played a game of Fortnite on my Xbox one to see if it is my PS4 or call of duty, turns out the xbox one worked perfect, switched off the the light as it should once console is off. It seems its an issue with my PS4 or call of duty or something. Let me know if you need any more info Fraser as I do love this router and this seems to be the only issue I am facing. I will wait for your response Regards, Mas
  5. Hello Fraser, It went off as it should but i also played a game of Warzone Call of Duty, which is about 30 mins, closed the game, turned off PS4 Fully, on the network map its showing offline, tried to remove the PS4 but says unable to do so as its online?, something on the router is thinking my ps4 is still online or something?, Im having to reboot my router after a gaming session, please can we try advance ports?
  6. It seems when i load call of duty and quit the game, shut down ps4, its not turning off. When i switch ps4 on without loading a game it switches on /off correctly I thought it was fixed
  7. Hi Fraser, Thanks for the quick reply, I have got it upto the state where the light isnt on. Are you able to advise whether im choosing Games Console, or advanced and filling in manually, if so which port etc do i put in there? Many thanks for your help. Mas
  8. Hello NetDuma, I am currently having issues with the Traffic Prioritization on NetDumaOS, it turns on when playing call of duty on my PS4 but when i stop playing it stays on updating background packets. The PS4 isnt in Rest Mode or anything, so cant work out how this is happening. A reboot of my router resolves this but just comes back the next time I game. I have tried unticking DumaOS Classified Games but still remains on, it seems only way to get rid of it is a reboot on my router. Please can someone help me I have attached some screen shots of my setup. If you can assist it would be great, Thanks, Mas
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