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  1. Thanks will sign in still be Admin and Password ?
  2. Just upgraded but not getting connection.My setup is talk talk hub,And duma r1.Tried reboot them both still having not luck.Any ideas?.Thanks
  3. Hello does the new 3.0 firmware work on the r1?
  4. TP link to Net duma wired its all setup and working now TP link now is in router mode.On B04 its says Moderate Nat type,do i need to manually input the ports on the Duma for open nat type.Thanks
  5. Thanks for your reply,gave that a try but no luck says connected but no internet.And that image is what i get on the wifi.
  6. Hello i am trying to setup a TP link W9970 with my duma r1.I know how to access my routers logins and change stuff and to setup bridge mode however i am missing something as its says connected no internet? tried pppoe in the duma and disabled wifi and upnp on the TP link,do i need to put the duma's ip in the dmz on the Tp link.Also i am on a BT Eci cab is the W9970 a good modem choice?
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