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  1. I have been using ghost for 2 months now it does seem very consistent and i only had my first issue the other day where i was connected to wifi with no internet for about 10minutes im also getting higher speeds than the advertised
  2. Yeah my fortnite on pc is between 0-4ms ping
  3. Huge difference, on fortnite im getting 0 ping, and gaming in general feels a lot smoother despite having a reduced speed to what i used to have
  4. Ahh i think he meant with latency does kt seem to be a issue in game
  5. Hi, Thank you for the information. Ive just signed up but my install isnt until 16th of this month, have you had any outages at all? And are you speeds as per advertised or are they considerably less?
  6. It sorted it for me thank you! I havnt had any nat failed issues so far either now. Bit have noticed with party chat it takes ages to talk i think its the geo filter taking ages to reckonise friends in my party takes around 2 minutes of flashing mics before i can speak. During this time no icons are on the filter
  7. Rdot

    Geo filter

    i think it would be a lot better experience using geo filter if when you select your item such as playstation that all playstation servers are accepted and same for xbox etc, Sthe amount you miss due to them being stacked etc this would eliminate so many forum posts
  8. Thats the problem i only want 1 of these so one would be canceled on the day, have you heard much of this company?
  9. hey guys/ladies Ive been looking to swap from virgin to ghost gaming broadband as virgin has be dreadful since january with latency gaming is unplayable. Ill be going for a lower mbps package compared. Currently on 350mbps down, 30up and the package with ghost is 43down and 8up so is a bit of a difference. Would that speed be suffient enough for gaming and streaming IPTV Ill be using my XR700 also. Ive looked for reviews on this gamer isp but cannot find anything at all only a couple of forums which dont give much light on what they are like once signed up and using the service. Any insight would be brilliant.
  10. Well all was going good the only issue im having so far is that the router keeps dropping internet connection, on the settings it shows disconnected, tried rebooting etc still nothing, the 2ghz and 5g lights arent on but the 60hz is, its on the latest firmware also
  11. I now have the xr700 and i think i have finally figured out the issue with party chat on the ps4!! Basicly on the geo filter there is about 5 ps4 party servers in america all stacked on top of each other and it is extremely hard to click all, once accepted there tends to have more pop up but on the geo filter these show as peer not dedicated, the same as fortnite servers do the same. The nat type failed issue as before i havnt used the router long enough so far to see if this is still a issue hopefully not but i will keep this updated. For some reason the XR700 will only work when the Superhub3 is in modem mode which is strange
  12. i could not put up with the issues of the xr500 any longer so i have sent it back and have purchased the xr700 hopefully this will be a lot better. What differences are there compared to xr500 and xr700 obviously more powerful but havent really found much other than better wifi etc, i managed to buy it for same price i got the xr500 so ot was a no brainer
  13. Ill give it a go as today lag spikes have been ridiculous im on the same as yourself
  14. Ok ill give this a go and see what happens, ive just read a lot that the superhub is pretty rubbish and impacts speeds etc if in router mode thats all
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