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  1. I am running gbit internet 1000/1000 dont know if it would influence
  2. heres a local site ping test. looks good so far
  3. Tests were done after restart on PC with no apps running just with ping plotter 5 open. No one was on network just my PC via Ethernet cable. I disabled WiFi features to make sure streams weren't the issue, all was working fine. Turned WiFi back on, worked perfectly fine, QOS was doing its job with 4 streams running in background including discord running. My settings are based of the guides (DumaOS Optimal Settings Guide: Using Ping Assist as a Ping Filter) (DumaOS Optimal Settings Guide: QoS) and (How to add your Gaming PC to the DumaOS Geo-filter) Im using Windows 10 1909, I do use this TCP Optimizer for windows (see attached) and my internet adapter is configured.
  4. No that wont work since it works well when its plugged into the modem same cable. Is there a specific CAT type i should use. i did get two CAT8 cables a couple months ago. But still, that shouldn't be an issue since, a restart will cause it to work again. could it be that my device is defective?
  5. There's an issue were I get unstable ping later in the day after a restart on the router. Attached are screenshots of Pingplotter 5 when i have only the modem plugged in vs when i plug in and turn on the XR500 router. Now at first couple of hours after a restart it runs perfect. its only after a couple of hours this happens (5-6 hrs in) When in game Modernwarefare it also becomes apparent. But yeah need some help on this. any would help
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