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  1. I'm thinking its not necessary and would be easier to put the device in hyper traffic...but if you have multiple consoles and another console might be in use the same time then it makes sense to put the ports in.
  2. Welshy

    update 2.0

    http://forum.netduma.com/topic/19991-dumaos-announcement-development-progress-testing/ Still in beta and I think it may be some time in March.
  3. Yeap I use ipvanish with netduma with no problems.
  4. Welshy

    VPN selection

    Just wondering if on the new OS there will be a drop down option to choose between different vpn providers? I'm using ipvanish and have the work around for that so all good but it still would be nice to know. I read somewhere a while ago that it was on the to do list.
  5. 1 luv 2 Fraser Fraser = top dog so do you think I'll be getting a free router now .....lol
  6. Sorry this is my kids influence on me....Nope I want it and I want it now!! Just kidding of course
  7. Netgear DM200 is an alternative modem to vigor 130 and at £35 its worth a try
  8. Thanks guys! Just thought I share this I've actually dropped my ping from 26 to about 19 by using that modem in bridge mode. Previously the netduma was in dmz linked to a tp link archer d9. Or is it the netduma doing the dsl authentication?
  9. I wish 70% worked. On the PS4 I've had to wind it down to about 50% to get A and xbox seems to be very inconsistent. Actually on the xbox I've had to use roughly about 480kbps per device, share excess unticked and on 100% to get in the B region. Any suggestions?
  10. I've been setting the bufferbloat up on PC and checking via dslreports and if I'm lucky I can get a A rating and got to be honest the results can be hit and miss. Last night I thought I check the same PC bufferbloat settings which gave me a A rating via the explorer on the console and the rating was C so adjusted on PC and checked on console until l got as close as I could to A. Now the difference was night and day and this time other people were rage quitting lol. So the question is, should we be using the explorer on the consoles to check the bufferbloat as that is what it impacts? Also, I can't use the same settings for PS4 and xbox (both checked on the console explorer) with the xbox being the hardest one to get close to the A. Any ideas why?
  11. I'm using a D link 320B in bridge mode ---> Netduma. Does keeping the modem on and turning off the netduma router also turns off the dsl connection or is the connection up due to the modem being turned on? I'm guessing it's not good shutting down the connection too often due to dlm kicking in?
  12. Does it matter if I do a hard factory reset via the pin at the back as the UI seems unresponsive via the misc sect?
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