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  1. there was no other device running but my laptop.
  2. yes i made the c7000v2 as the modem and the xr300 as my router
  3. okay will definitely be using the ping test, could i privately send you a picture of the graph results i got?
  4. okay so i made the c7000vs as the modem and the xr300 as the router and i dont seem to be getting much lag. the lag is not as bad as it was before but i still get a bit here and there.
  5. i am in the east coast ( Pennsylvania ), will activate that. when putting the modem on modem mode would i need to call my service provider to activate the xr300?
  6. for the geo-filter i have strict mode checked, auto ping host checked and 2.5 nil.
  7. will definitely be putting it in modem mode. i have a ping of 55. my Geo-filter settings are on filtering mode for my console and on the profile i clicked under call of duty which puts me on a 800 km distance. for QoS settings i have my upload and download bandwidth on 300 for both. " when high priority traffic detected is checked and both download and upload for the buffer-bloat are on 70%. i have traffic prioritization unchecked. bandwidth allocation i have it most on my playstation.
  8. well as of right now it is doubled so both are working. last week i had the c7000v2 as a modem mode and the xr300 was the router and it was the same problem. yes i am using the QoS on the xr300 and still seem to get the same lag. this lag has been going on before the pandemic also.
  9. hello guys, i have a nighthawk ac1900 c7000v2 cable modem router and on top of that i have a nighthawk xr300 pro gaming connected to that. Whenever playing call of duty modern warfare i seem to be getting a lot of lag none stop its always skipping or bullets dont register. i believe that its because of bufferbloat not to sure. i am connected to the xr300 from my ps4 wired connection. if anybody could help that would be highly appreciated.
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