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  1. I connected a similar power supply unit from the router ASUS, nothing has changed.
  2. I have an American version of the power supply with an adapter for European plugs.
  3. Is it possible that the Internet provider blocked resource?
  4. It's been 2 months since my Netduma R1 turned into a brick and still works. Here are my past posts in this post:http://forum.nedoma.com/topic/29899-netdoma-r1on-dumaos-want-reset/?do=find Comment&comment=241700. Recently came across a solution to this problem https://forum.netduma.com/topic/23902-r1-interface-reset . Here, a person has Mac and superhub 2ac hardware. Will this method help me solve this problem on windows? The main router Asus ac52u, no Duma I usually use in AP mode.
  5. From the iPhone, the screen recording hides the password entry. I throw off a video where I show the work of various browsers.
  6. What information should I provide so that my problem can be resolved?
  7. Tried the edge browser now shows this message. In other browsers, everyone also asks for a username and password. IMG_2819.MP4
  8. I realized my problem will never be resolved. Are there any new ideas to solve this problem? Since the appeal to the mail and no one has responded. I think this router has a couple of packages in the trash.
  9. I do not reset my wifi password under any conditions.
  10. When you do a full reset to factory settings, is the wifi password reset or not?
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