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  1. Whether or not it's true that win trading or whatever other exploits were a big motivator in past and future purchases of this router is irrelevant and framing the question like this is only damaging to whatever hope was left for Geo-Filter functionality to return. Personally I bought a NetDuma router after I saw a sponsored video from a Destiny 1 content creator (TripleWRECK) showing how much of a positive effect the Geo-Filter had on connection quality in his PVP matches, and that's all I want now. The ability to set my location and have my PVP matches filled only with people close enough to me to ensure reliable connections. If win trading was the goal here, you are aware that there's a pretty simple powershell script that blocks all matchmaking except for steamid's that you specify? I've seen multiple threads about it since maybe a month after SDR went live on PC.
  2. Did the v3 beta help at all in regards to the geo filter for you?
  3. A question for Liam and Fraser From my limited understanding of the Steam Network Sockets system they basically hide the IP of the player by connecting through relays, so would it not be possible to block a specific relay point if it's outside of your set Geo-Filter range?
  4. I'm not sure I understand this post. Is the Geo-Filter being able to limit connections to players only within a radius you set NOT an advertised feature? Because that's exactly why I bought mine. I bought it so that I could limit my matchmaking to only contain players within a certain distance of my home location to ensure the best connection. Using it to "exploit" the game in order to allow for solo matchmaking is a by-product I agree, but the DumaOS is not the only way to do this, nor the reason I and assumedly many other people purchased it. You can simply set the time back on your console in order to load into activities solo on console, or use the method previously linked in this thread for PC. The pessimistic side of me reads this post as an excuse to put Destiny 2 functionality on the backburner, but please understand that this one specific exploit isn't the main reason that the Geo Filter is so desperately wanted. Destiny 2 has MANY connection problems due to matchmaking where it will often place people from the other side of the world in your lobbies for PVP. The Geo Filter is essential to making sure that the only people you play against are located close enough to you that you're not playing against someone on the opposite side of the planet. If it's too much to ask for a game of Destiny 2's size to have the functionality revisited then I can understand that and would take no as an answer, as honestly a clear cut answer is all I'm after here personally. Reading a straw man argument as the main reason to NOT look into this doesn't provide that answer, especially considering the reason Bungie made these changes wasn't to fix this exploit, it was to prevent DDoS attacks.
  5. To be clear, I tried with the following settings: Ping Assist 0 Fast search disabled Strict mode enabled Geo-Filter map distance set to minimum with location set to the middle of the ocean as well as testing with the location placed in random places around the world I did all of this with the PC being changed to a PlayStation device and also tried with it being set as an Xbox device
  6. I just tested this with the suggested settings and and sadly it still doesn't work, but the exact same settings work flawlessly on console (for now)
  7. Could you state which specific router and version has reported as working? As an update to this, Destiny 2 have now stated that all consoles will be given the same DDOS protection as PC in 2 months time and so the Geo Filter for console will also lose all functionality too. I made a post in regards to the geo filter no longer working on PC back in March and then 4 months later after what seemed to be stalling and lip service, we were told "After digging into it more, there is no way around it at the moment unfortunately. We will keep trying but it doesn't look possible right now." The tone of this thread is quite vitriolic as it is and I don't want to add to that, but it has been 9 months now since we lost the core functionality of the router and all that ever seems to be said is that it will be investigated or "chased up" but nothing ever really comes from it. It would be much more palatable to just be told that Destiny 2 has lost functionality and it will not be worked on to restore those features. Ideally though it would be nice to have an update directly from the person testing this (if they exist) and to be told the likelihood of the Geo Filter working again in the future, even if the answer is 0% chance. I think this is important now more than ever, considering consoles are about to lose functionality too.
  8. Thanks for the update Alex! One thing to note is that casual play with CS:GO works with the Geo-Filter apparently, and that is also using Steamworks so there is some hope that it can work with Destiny 2 PC. It's completely understandable that DumaOS 3.0 is the priority but with it being 4 months now since the Geo-Filter stopped working it's a little frustrating to not know if and when it'll ever return. Is there any chance of an ETA? Perhaps a rough estimate on when DumaOS 3.0 is likely to be complete and some time can be spent on this?
  9. It's working on consoles because they aren't using steam sockets, it never stopped working on console, but it's still not working on PC Is there any update on the functionality returning for PC users?
  10. Understandable, apologies if I seemed impatient, timeline is unimportant as long as the functionality can be enabled again at some point Realistically though, will it even be possible to enable again? The Steam network sockets use relay servers via Valve which hide the player IP addresses completely, is there a way for Netduma to still filter people out by location without knowing the IP address?
  11. Is there any update available on this yet? The game is infinitely less fun when I'm unable to filter out laggy players
  12. Have been meaning to do so for a while now, this seems as good a reason as any so I'll get that done tomorrow, thanks a lot
  13. Okay I reset the router and computer, applied the settings before opening steam, loaded Destiny up and had the same thing happen, so it really seems like it's down to the changes Again thanks a lot for the help, it's really frustrating to play without being able to filter out the masses of laggy players in the game
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