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  1. Screw black ops 4 I'm done with this dam game for all the crap ppl give MW atleast when I shoot people they fkn die. People just dont appear out of thin air. I dont feel like I'm 1 second behind everyone else. Jesus christ this dam game has driven me to the edge of insanity. For all the money I have spent trying to get this game to play right I should have made some progress but NO! My best guess is it is something with the connection and lag compensation but who knows. Sure seems like someone knows something I dont there are clearly people that play this game and do not have these problems and then we have little Jumping Johnny Badass running around the map killing everything with 2 bullets whilst dodging any incoming fire like fkn Neo from the Matrix and gets a gunship in the first Minute of a match. I'm sick of it. The only way I get any kills is if I take them completely off guard and still some of those have time to turn around, run towards me and knock me off like I'm a one shot. I literally feel like I'm running around with 20HP while everyone else has 400. I've got to find another game. Adios
  2. Located on east coast US, ISP spectrum 100d/12u spectrum branded docsis 3.1 modem I have experimented with all sorts of ABB qos settings. Currently have ABB d/l bandwidth 85% of 100mpbs and u/l 50% of 10mbps set to Always(when im gaming) Geo filter I have also experimented a lot with changing locations forcing servers further away and near by and various settings current settings are location actually where i am with 800mi radius Strict mode on Auto ping host on fast search off and ping assist set to 0 because for some reason if i use ping assist i still get connected to blocked servers. I have also tried setting location to ocean with small radius ping assist 35 - 65 with strict mode unchecked fast search off. I also only use filtering on which ever console I happen to be on I have 3 xb1 and 1 ps4 . everything is hardwired. I just replaced my modem last week. And if it matters I play on a 1ms benq monitor. Also the ping readings im getting from the geo filter. Id be happy to provide any other info.
  3. I have had this XR500 router for three months. I have read every post, watched every video I can find, tweaked every setting from one extreme to another and I have yet to see any benefit of owning this router. My ping times have not improved 25-35ms, the quality of my game play has not improved, hit detection is non existent I may as well be shooting limp spaghetti at the enemy. I swear its like everyone has a half second advantage over me. Ill be the first to admit I suck at the game but I am loosing in situations where I clearly have the upper hand. I have got behind people and shot them in the back just to watch them turn around and melt me instantly. At this point I am sick of tinkering with this router nothing changes. So If anyone has any suggestions that I have not tried Id love to hear it because I honestly feel like I have wasted my money and my time. Rant over thanks for listening
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