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  1. Hi Fraser, Im experiencing the same problem, im using vpn because i have packet loss that create lags in my ps4 game online, but with vpn in router the speed is so slow so its not what i wanted, how can we do to have the real speed but the routing of vpn to avoid packet loss ? Thank you
  2. before netgear router i have decent connection when Fifa servers were not saturated like at the night or the morning, but now i have lags 24 hours a day, that's why im sure i missed up with something in setting with the router
  3. Hi Fraser, yes im using it, i tested on fifa profil and random too, i set it off to see and i got the same result im confused, i tried with qos disabled and got the same result
  4. Hi Alex, I solved a problem, but i did too many test in my pc and ps4 the download/upload speed are excellent but im experiencing lags and delay in fifa 20 even in menu, i have ports forwarded, unpn on, antibuff on, Qos ps4 priority. What's best setting to avoid thoses lags in fifa please ? Many thanks
  5. Hello, I have bad experience with my modem HH3000 Bell from Montreal (Canada) even with 400mb Fiber i have lags and latencies in my ps4 games, i bought Nighthawk XR500 and connected it with my modem and still have thoses issus and lags. So i bought "TP-Link MC220L Media converter Gigabit 1000 Mbps RJ45 " to delete my modem and connect fiber to xr 500 but i didn't work, so i set PPPoe as internet setting and my username and passeword from my ISP but it didn't work. So i saw a lot of people on internet that did it but in another routers there is the setting in other routers : - SFP insterted into the media convertor, attached to my RT-5300 in the WAN slot.- Connection will be PPPoE- enter your bell B1 username and your password.- in the LAN enter vlan 35 for Internet So please can you help me to connecte my xr 500 to Tp media converter with the right settings in router ?
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