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  1. This worked. Updated to the latest firmware again. Reset to factory defaults through the in-router menu. The first setting I attempted to change were the sliders (After setting When High Priority Traffic Detected to enable them) and now they give the "Updating" message prompt when updating to a new value. And now the setting of 70% persists. Should be good to go now. Thank you for your time.
  2. Hey there. I've tried a different computer on a clean install of Safari and Chrome, no addons, no anti virus. The sliders return to 100% after navigating away and back, after selecting a new option between "Always, High Priority, and Never", and rebooting the router.
  3. Hey there. I just picked up an XR500 (latest firmware as of 2/14/2020) and have a question about the Anti-Bufferbloat feature. I have it set to "When High Priority Traffic Detected" and set the sliders to 70%. However, whenever I navigate away and return, the bars are back to 100%. There doesn't seem to be a save button. I saw in one of the advertisements for the service that they are supposed to save on update. To make sure nothing was blocking the UI elements or functionality, I even attempted it in a fresh install of Chrome and Safari (Normally Firefox). Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Are they always 100% when you visit the pane and the actual values are hidden? Thank you for your time.
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