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  1. i keep it for 10 minutes pinging it didn't lost any packet
  2. i didn't found any issue during the ping test. I don't know what can be 😢
  3. i get an adapter ethernet - usb because i have only my laptop without eth. I will check soon and let you know. Thanks for the help. I hope i can find a solution, if i have to deal with etisalat i'm sure i will remain in this situation.
  4. I did a test with my phone, I’m losing packets.. but what can be the cause???
  5. thanks, i will try this as soon i can
  6. I Tried and I don’t have any drop of packets I tired yesterday, it happens again but I tried to stay in the party and after 5/10 minutes I was able again to talk with them.. but this issue is annoying me I want solve and I don’t know how
  7. Nothing strange in the network monitor, just now I had the problem, I was alone at home playing without issue, when my parents just come to home without doing anything I start to have the issue, my friend eat me lagging. I don’t know why, the connection is not dropping but my voice in the party goes to the hell
  8. No that modem doesn’t have access, no Wi-Fi, everything is connected tu the XR and they watch only Netflix 1 tv
  9. I notice that when someone is at home it’s more frequent but how can be possible with a 250mb download and 100mb upload and few devices connected?
  10. Now also the router from the provider had the same problem. I don’t know what can be. The cable are new, only the one in the wall are 3 years old. But before in 3 years I never had issue!
  11. Also without Geo filter I have the same problem and also the qos I disabled SAME problem, this is the worst router I had in my life. I put back the one cheap or the provider and everything is working fine
  12. My setup is, modem etisalat and XR connected PPPOE "always on". I'm using only DMZ and SIP ALG i always disabled in all the router i had. I didn't change anything else. Only QoS to the Playstation 4.
  13. I tried with geo filter, with spectating mode also, I added everyone to the allowed list but nothing to do. This problem is since I have this router, the one from the provider is working without problem and this is really sad after the amount of money that I spend to buy this router. I tried everything is wrote in this community. Netgear should stop to sell this router in UAE country I tell you why, my nearest server is in Singapore and the geo filter here cannot work unless you put more then 3000 kilometer to reach the first server for apex. When I tried the geo filter allowing the Id of the other Was working for half day then I start to have the same problem. Every time the people can hear my voice like a robot and also when I was join the party the icon that indicate the mic of the other was taking more time to activate.
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