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  1. Too easy thanks for the update. The main ones I see show up are my ZeroTier connections. There are others but I don't notice them as often as it seems as though they don't get affected as much as ZeroTier (Constant dropouts and connection issues as peers and the servers are all around the world)
  2. Just wondering if this will be resolved soon? I am currently having the same issue. Ive applied the workaround for the meantime. However it is picking up all my services running on my PC as "Game Traffic". Thanks.
  3. Looking forward to it! Suppose I'll throw my name in too :)
  4. Hi guys, I'm trying to forward ports 80 and 443, HTTP and HTTPS respectively to an internal webserver. It seems as though this isn't working for me though. I have a suspicion that it is effected by the external access to the router, as I can type in my WAN IP and get a login prompt for the router with my port forwards deleted. However when I put them in I can't get to my webserver nor the router. I can't seem to find any settings regarding this though. Any help would be appreciated!
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