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  1. Lucky you. All I can say is if you havent had to reboot it yet or simply havent rebooted it then pray you never do. My first xr500 was great for the first week & change and then once I rebooted it the love affair was over. Purchased the second one and instantly rebooted it for the purpose of...if it was gonna show its ugly face I wanted to get right to it so it could be returned during the allowed period and it didnt take long, that same night to be exact to start its bs and then every 3 days after that. So it went back as well but we are already missing it. Like I said before when it worked it was great and we loved it but im convinced its a firmware issue (cuz 2 did the exact same thing) but I refuse to take that chance of keeping something that may not be fixed for that amount of money and thats assuming its just a firmware issue. Good luck to you with yours.
  2. Drksider81 I can tell u as someone who is on their second xr500 and 2-3 hrs of my life lost that I can never get back in being on the phone with tech support foreigners who dont comprehend well because of the language barrier and all they have to offer are the stepstheir screen says to do...DONT BUY ONE. I will be returning the second one later today (had the two routers about a total of a month and a half). I, like you read reviews and saw what you saw regarding reboots and connectivity issues but figured “i’ve never had issues with routers in the past, maybe they’re just doing something wrong” and so I took a chance anyway and i’m just trying to save you the trouble. My issues started about a week after I had initially purchased the first router. It worked beautifully for the first week and I thought all was well and was glad I had took the chance and made the purchase but then it just so happened I was my daughter’s bball game and someone rang the doorbell so I logged into my security app to see who it was. After doing this I went into the netgear app and decided to just reboot the router thru the app (for no reason at all other than just to do it to make sure everything was functioning properly thru the app) and that’s when the problems started. Could not connect back to the router, get connected back to my security system to look at cameras or anything. When I got home later that night I saw the amber internet light (which you will surely come to despise that light if you dont heed my warning) and it was flashing. Rebooted router, nothing. Rebooted modem and router, nothing...same amber light. Rebooted modem and router again and finally success. I thought ok, just a hiccup...nope. 2 days later random reboot and no internet. Had to reboot modem and router again until they’d work. That same night while laying in bed watching a vid on my phone the connection goes out and I stroll downstairs to what...you got it AMBER INTERNET LIGHT. Called tech support the next morning and spent about 2 hrs or so on the phone with foreign jane (i’ll spare u the long story and just say) at the end of the day she had me do a factory reset by holding the reset button for a minute. Of course that worked (but as I told her this is just a bandaid to a bigger problem and this shouldnt be happening). All was fine for about 6 hrs until that same night, same thing, dropped connection. Packed it up and took it back the next morning. I really wanted to like the router so I exchanged it for another. Long story short it didnt take long for the new router to act up. Had it for almost 3 weeks or so now and its dropped connection at least 4 times. Now, for all those who might read this and you are stuck with this router...what I learned is that if you get the amber internet light after a reboot and like me your next step is to reboot the modem and router you may not need to. I was simply unplugging the ethernet cable at the back of the router that comes from the modem and waiting a few seconds and plugging it back in and once plugged in it would blink orange for about 5 secs or so and then go white...(its as if theres a glitch that doesnt allow it properly recognize that the internet feed is plugged in after a reboot. It physically knows theres a cable plugged in cuz the light is amber and when unplugged the amber light goes out but it wont go work until unplugged and plugged back in, at least thats what I found). This worked fine for the first 3 reboots but then last night which is what has me at my final straw with this router, that trick would not work and despite 3 reboots of the modem and router with an additional 3 reboots of the router it will not connect to the internet. Plugged in my old apple airport and bam back up in no time. I’m not wasting my time calling tech support cuz A. Its a joke and B. I dont have the patience for them and sure I can factory reset it and get it working for 3 days. STAY AWAY FROM THIS THING MY MAN.
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