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  1. Completely new to a router like this so ill try to make sense of whats happening..just setup xr500 yesterday..with geofilter on i could not join into a friends party on cod...if i invited them they were able to join my lobby...so no big deal with that..but the other issue i noticed was the chat party..although we could join the sam party ther was no sound between party members..so my question is this..is there a way to leave geofilter on and still be able to chat without adding each peron individual to my map..not exactly ideal to hook computer up everytime i play cod to add each person..maybe im missing a simple setting
  2. So im in the market for a new gaming router..the nighthawk xr 500 is one of the few i have narrowed down to..actually was going to purchase until i saw several reviews with complaints about connectivity issues and dropping service... as all of the post are from 2019 im wondering if there has been a solution to this problem yet..dont really want to spend the money if not as connectuon issues are the reason im replacing my equipment to begin with..thanks for any help on this
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