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  1. im xbl but its crossplay xd. division?
  2. I already disabled it, keeps telling me that it tries to remote acces but im on 3.0 firmware though. I also get error in ARP line table error. Could one of the above things cause my internet to be verybad atm? keep getting instakilled (or im just bad).
  3. No ipv6 is disabled, and its mostly trying to connect to my xbox over port 80
  4. I get alot of notifications of DOS attacks and remote logins.. Also a few remote login attemps from several ips including but .1 isnt a port im using neither is a device using that ip (asfar as i can see in device management) Are these false positives? log-1605416320232.txt
  5. Hello, I upgraded from xr300 to a xr500 last week. I updated it to latest firmware (the 2.xxx.xx.x one) And everything seemed to work fine, but since a few hours ago the netduma interface started to get really slow the map on the geofilter wasnt loading, and everything else was also taking longer as usually. And no matter how i try i cannot open the settings from the router, i refreshed it restarted it, rebooted the router several time's but cannot get into the settings for some reason.
  6. I have the same issue, i personally think its my xbox going to the end of its lifespan.. Sometimes every1 seems 3 times as fast as me, then i just reboot me xbox a few times and most of the times i get normal games again.
  7. I have 25ms in EU servers and 130/150ms in US servers.. But past 2 weeks the game puts EU ppl in a server with 250ms ping and 30% packet loss ocasionally.. Never experienced that before
  8. At this moment not, and with the log i posted i dont mean ddos but i just found it weird that all those ips are connecting to me.. but when its just normal traffic its cool, then i dont need to worry about it :). And ik know how it is to get ddos'd :p. i get it like 3 times per night, usually i need to unplug my router and plug it back in before everything starts working again xd.
  9. Since im using the xr300 my ping went slightly up, Servers where im normally around 30 ping im now 50/55/60 Servers where im normally 130 ping im 155.. I dont understand why this is happening, even when i reset the router and just connect it without changing any setttings this happends... Could it be the dns server im using or why is this the case
  10. Ok thnx, Could somebody explain what this means: [LAN access from remote] from to, Monday, Feb 03,2020 13:22:58 [LAN access from remote] from to, Monday, Feb 03,2020 13:20:51 [DoS attack: ACK Scan] attack packets in last 20 sec from ip [], Monday, Feb 03,2020 13:18:09 [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 24:18:1D:84:3A:6A, Monday, Feb 03,2020 13:17:33 [LAN access from remote] from to, Monday, Feb 03,2020 13:15:44 [UPnP set event: Public_UPNP_C3] from source, Monday, Feb 03,2020 13:14:25 [LAN access from remote] from to, Monday, Feb 03,2020 13:14:18 [Time synchronized with NTP server] Monday, Feb 03,2020 13:13:59 [LAN access from remote] from to, Monday, Feb 03,2020 13:13:04 [UPnP set event: Public_UPNP_C3] from source, Monday, Feb 03,2020 13:13:02 [DHCP IP: (] to MAC address C0:33:5E:55:6B:96, Monday, Feb 03,2020 13:12:55 [LAN access from remote] from to, Monday, Feb 03,2020 13:12:39 [Internet connected] IP address:, Monday, Feb 03,2020 13:11:52 Does this mean random people are connecting to my router? or is this false?
  11. Is this feature gonna be added in the future? Why is it advertised that the xr300 and xr500 are basicly the same only the xr500 has hardware advantages.. if i did know that before i bought it i wouldv bought the xr500 instead, but i guess i cant bring it back now anymore.. 😕 Isnt there any way that i can add that hybrid vpn option to my xr300?
  12. Thanks for your response man, yeah i saw the hybrid vpn option on a screenshot from some1 on the xr500 but the xr300 doesnt have that option in the menu.. But atleast there is a way to setup a vpn in the router, do you happen to have a guide or something for setting up a vpn? Dont find that much on youtube etc..
  13. And i think i did something wrong with the geo-filter thing also, i put it on call of duty, and on strict mode but when i'm in a game my ping is 140.. optimal ping for me is 20-30 how can it be that it still put me in a american server? apparently i 'm missing stuff, first it dident show anything at all in the geofilterscreen (no servers nothing) Kinda similair to what this person had: But after reading several topics, rebooting the router rebooting my console and game i sometimes get a white cirkel icon with a person in it. Is this a server where i can connect to? Because when i click on it it shows things like ping etc, but the "name" textbox is empty. And occasionally a white square pops up in the US, i suppose that is a server what the filter blocks? And in case the white cirkel is a server why does it only show the same 1 every minute or so? i did see images of other people that have all kinds of icons on the geomap.
  14. Hey, I just bought a xr300 to improve my online gaming experience, but i dont really understand how i need to setup a vpn.. I googled it, and found several site's but i done quite understand it, what i understand is that you need to instal a vpn program on every device what connects to the router or something? But when i instal a vpn program on for example my phone, what does the router have to do with it then? Isnt there a vpn option where i fill in my account details from a vpn provider and that the router uses that vpn connection? Im asking this because i bought this router mostly for (console) gaming, and its not possible (as far as i know) to instal a vpn program on my xbox and i kinda need it because i get ddosed alot. Hope some1 can help
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