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  1. Wish I would have known this a few days ago. Just sold 4 of my 6 consoles this past weekend lol. I had no issues with it when all 6 accounts' glory were balanced, but when trying to boost someone from 0 or 1k I could never get them to match up.
  2. I'm not at home at the moment, but I can snap a pic from my phone later on when I'm able to get on while I'm matching up with people. Also I thought it was strange that my phones seemed to have a better connection well, but like I said before my down speed is around 800 Mbps with the gateway and about half that with the router when connected by ethernet. It's entirely possible, probable even, that I don't have everything configured correctly. I assumed it would be more or less plug-and-play with about 5 min of customization based on the videos I watched, but maybe I need a more in-depth manual to read.
  3. Yeah, I tried all of that as well. I spent the bulk of the last 3 days trying every combination of settings I could think of. To the best of my knowledge D2 doesn't have PvP servers as everything is P2P connection-based. When I had everything set to where I would load into literally any open-world space with only my account/party, as opposed to where you normally have dozens of other players loading in, I tried matchmaking. Even though no other console would connect to me in the various maps, i could be set in the arctic with the most strict settings possible, and people would still be queuing up to connect to me for a PvP match. I could see it both on the Geo-Filter interface as well as when it says "connecting to guardians(players)," as I would almost always have to back out at the last second so as to not to connect to them. Basically regardless of where I set my location and how strict I make the settings I can still connect to other players, just not myself. The issue is that I could connect to myself prior to purchasing and setting up this router. The only two differences between then and now being 1. the router and 2. one of the accounts is much lower ranked than the other 5. I actually paid the guy at the aforementioned website to boost one of the accounts just to see if he was able to do it with 5 accounts being max rank and one account being much lower ranked and he was able to do so using the XR500. So I know it's possible, but obviously someone that makes a living doing this isn't going to divulge the secret to making it work. In terms of what I meant by my phones were the only ones to benefit from the router I simply meant that I ran speed tests on all connected devices over WiFi, as well as wired on devices able to be wired, and the only devices that showed a boost in speed on the XR500 over my gateway were my phones. I have 1 gig service through my ISP and the gateway has 1 gig ports. Is there any chance a VPN could be the solution, and if so how would I go about doing that?
  4. I tried the way you suggested prior to posting to no avail. They did state that they reworked their PvP algo a few months ago, but the guy that runs https://gloryboosting.com/ for example still does it the same way he always has. He just won't share his exact method as that's how he makes money, and has been since Destiny 1. Also it's not like boosting in a "real" competitive game. Not for nothing, but Bungie's matchmaking algorithms have been garbage since Halo 3 came out. The devs literally do not play their own games. I was sponsored by Tritton to play Halo 2 and 3, along with several other games, and Halo 3 is the game where Bungie's PvP took a major turn for the worse and never recovered. The only people making money playing Destiny are streamers; there aren't any sponsored teams or tourneys etc, and anyone that "boosts" to that glory rank and then tries to play is more than likely going to get annihilated. The only purpose of getting there is to be able to unlock a weapon quest that requires more kills in comp, but I don't do those kind of carries or recovs. Either way, there are literally dozens of businesses out there offering the same services; I'm just trying to do it for free for people because having OP weapons locked behind a quest that only 1% or less of players can complete is poor game design. Not to mention that once you legitimately get close to max rank you run across DDoS-ers and lag-switchers quite frequently. In response to how I used the Geo-Filter when playing I set my home location to where it actually is (roughly, as I can't seem to be able to zoom) and selected Destiny settings which widens the zone to include most of North America. The Desting preset should be modified, because I literally matched up with a full squad from the UK as teammates. That means when it's set back to default Geo-Filter settings with the only change being made is selecting the Destiny profile, if anything the Geo-Filter gives me worse matches than if I weren't using it at all. The first time I've experienced lag in this game is after I began using the XR500. I also allocated 80% of total bandwidth to the console I was playing on. In terms of speed tests i ran them on all of my devices to see the difference. Generally speaking the only devices that seemed to benefit from the router were my mobile phones.
  5. Ah okay, that makes sense. I'll give that a shot, thanks! Still trying to figure out how/why all the guys that said they used that method said that they set their location in either the arctic or the middle of the Atlantic and were able to consistently match up quickly and every time. Maybe they used a VPN to set each console's location?
  6. Thanks for the response Fraser! l did add both consoles in the Geo-Filter and placed the location all over the arctic, in the middle of the ocean in several points etc. with no luck. I know that it has worked in the past for other players as I've spoken to several people over the last 8 months or so that said they specifically used this router and ran two Xbox Ones on the same LAN to achieve the desired results. Unfortunately they were people I matched up with through LFG, so I didn't bother getting any more info than that because that wasn't something I was interested in doing at the time. I've been able to match without the router fairly easily in off-peak hours as long as I can balance out the glory of the 2 teams, but from what I've been told it's supposed to be an instant and guaranteed match every time with the XR500. Additionally I ran speed tests on my consoles, and they're running much slower on the XR500 than on my gateway. I get about 800-850 Mbps Download/ 50 Mbps upload on my gateway when wired, and about 400 Mbps Down/ 20 Mbps Up when wireless. I only get around 400 Mbps Down/20 Mbps Up when wired to the XR500 and 100 Down/20 Up wireless. Either I got a lemon, I don't have this set up properly or it doesn't live up to the hype. I did some solo matchmaking over the last couple of hours and had some really bad lag issues both with and without the Geo-Filter being used.
  7. I cannot get the geofilter to work on the XR500 for Destiny 2 on Xbox One no matter what I try. Let me preface this by stating that I've tried using the Destiny setting, stopped using the Destiny setting and set my range to the minimum of 69 miles and set my location in Antarctica, tried auto ping only, tried strict only, tried both auto ping and strict, added both of my primary consoles in the Add Device section, tried wired and Wi-Fi and have the bridge setting turned on in my gateway. Nothing works. The reason that I purchased this router was strictly for the geofiltering, and I've talked to a few people that have it while gaming that said they set their geofilter to only match up with themselves and it works 100% of the time. Unfortunately that was awhile back and as they were random players on different continents I didn't bother adding them or asking more about it. I use my consoles to help people rank up in comp by win matching. If you don't know what that is, I have 2 host consoles and bring 2 players into each party. I then launch into comp, choosing which console to launch first to ensure that is the one that gets host, and as soon as they match but before they launch in I back out the fireteam that isn't host. The host fireteam loads into a match with no opponents and it's an instant win for that team and no loss for the other team. I'm a PvE player. I haven't played competitively in over a decade, and have no desire to. Most of the people that I play with are in the top 100 or 200 in raid leaderboards, strikes etc. and have no interest in playing PvP, nor do I. That being said, certain guns can only be acquired through playing comp. Rather than employ a method that would be considered cheating and hurting other players' stats, I do this to help people get the glory they need to acquire the guns they want (or at least the quests for them). I don't do kill lobbies. If someone wants the gun that bad then they can go in and get the kills the old fashioned way, but some people simply don't have the time, skill or friends with the skill to confidently go into matchmaking and hit the glory that they need. Not to mention people that manipulate connections to lag you out so that they get the win. Long story long... I was able to match up relatively easily when everyone was around the same glory (prior to purchasing the XR500), but if everyone was 4000 - 5500 glory except for one guy that was at 1000 glory they would never match. Hence the router purchase. I've spent hours and hours trying different configurations, selecting different consoles to be host (had some friends bring theirs over and was running 6 simultaneously) and still no dice. Is there a solution to this issue? Does geofiltering even work in Destiny 2 anymore? I can get it to work to where I can load into strikes solo, and I can also load into the tower solo. I can have both host consoles with a full fireteam load into their own instance of the tower or any planet, but for the life of me I can't get them to match up in comp regardless of the location I set or the settings I've tried. Please for the love of all things holy someone have a solution so that I didn't just throw away $300. Thanks in advance for suffering through my rant lol
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