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  1. Thanks for your reply. I have been told also though that if this problems start in hop 2 and carry on all the way to final destination that hop 2 is the problem is this correct. I have been running ping plotter nearly 24 hours and it seems all my problems start at hop 2 and carry on all the way to final hop? Am I understanding this correctly?
  2. No I don’t restrict bandwidth. I have used ping plotter numerous times over the last few months to try and find faults. I no longer have an isp router. I have had 25 technicians out in the last 12 months. Brand new equipment from house to street. Cables, modem, face plates etc. TBH i think it’s the isp in some way. There’s no congestion they have tested. My signal levels are good. There saying the logs could be saturating something? I don’t know Don’t understand any of it really. But now when I plug pc directly to modem speeds are still poor. So I’m guessing it’s gotta be isp.
  3. Hi all I have just signed up to try and get some kind of help with my internet speeds and settings for the xr500. When qos is enabled my speeds are horrible. I pay for up to 100 down 2 up I generally sit between 50-70 down and 1-1.5 up with qos disabled. If I enable qos at times I’m getting 0-10 down and 0-0.3 up. Any help would be my much appreciated. I have latest firmware. Pc is wired and I play fortnite only on it. Packet loss is an issue spike up to 30% down. This has been driving me insane and any help would be great
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