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  1. The private IP is the WAN IP from the device manager in DumaOS. I cannot change the WAN IP in the Arris modem, it is greyed out. I've tried other IPs as well but it always comes back with the same message.
  2. Everytime I try to input the WAN IP into the DMZ for the modem, it says Invalid IP address. Invalid network address. WAN itself isn't able to be changed.
  3. Ports 2302-2305. Hosting an Arma 3 server and trying to have people join as well as online port checkers.
  4. I've opened NAT in the LAN setup section of the router. I also only see DMZ available in my modem, not in the router. I've bridged my modem too and still it rings my ports aren't open. DMZing my router changes nothing. Nothing works, no matter what I port forward or trigger and UPNP doesn't even function either. Modem never changed, and port forwarding worked flawlessly on my old Linksys modem.
  5. I've opened my NAT, I've port forwarded and range forwarded, I've DMZ'd it, tried everything and still it tells me my ports aren't open.
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