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  1. How do I turn off R-Apps on the XR500?
  2. Does DumaOs have any built in telemetry?
  3. Hi Fraser and thanks for the welcome. I do not find the linked answer clear as I cannot determine if the ''source code'' in ''Netduma software is built on top of the OpenWRT project. To acquire the source code obtain the Chaos Calmer (or Trunk) OpenWRT branch and select the MikroTIk target.'' refers also to the code of DumaOS or just the open source DumaOS is built upon. I've never used ''-git'', etc. Very much looking forward to a simple answer if it is completely or less than completely open source. Thanks.
  4. and is netduma the same thing as dumaOS.com? I could not find a clear answer elsewhere.
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